MILITARY Responds After NJ Mom Speaks Against School Sexualization

      The U.S. military and police responded after a concerned New Jersey mother and school board member spoke out against bizarre posters targeting elementary children with hypersexual propaganda promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and even the wonders of being “agender,” “pansexual” and “polysexual.” Critics are now calling for all the officials involved to resign. 

      The local mother, Angela Reading, became “livid” and posted her concerns about these “perverse” posters on Facebook, along with photographs of the school propaganda for other parents to see. “It should be illegal to expose my kids to sexual content,” said Reading, noting that she saw the images as she was taking her 7-year-old daughter to “math night” at elementary school.

      “Also, how can my young children be accepting of people who are ‘sexually attracted to multiple genders’? They don’t know what sex is,” she continued. “Are adults talking about their sexual life with my kids and looking for affirmation? Are there elementary students engaged in polyamorous or multi-gender sexual activity who need my kids to know about it and cheer them on?”

      “I am very confused and very angry,” added Reading, who said she welcomed debate but was appalled when her daughter asked what “polysexual” meant. Her children have now been pulled from the school with no plans to return, according to news reports. But the nightmare is not over yet.   

      Instead of apologizing to parents and firing all the groomers sexualizing school children under 10 years old, the government went even more wild. In fact, in what may be an unprecedented move even more outrageous than terrorizing concerned parents with the FBI’s “terrorism” forces, the Biden administration’s increasingly radicalized military went after Reading.    

      “The current situation involving Mrs Reading’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families,” claimed Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling in a statement posted on social media. “The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community.”  

      The disgraced military officer, who called Reading an “extremist,” continued to haunt social media services attacking people who expressed support for Reading. However, he did not specify what may have caused supposed “safety concerns” for any families. Nor did he say under what supposed authority to military was getting involved in local educational issues. 

      Police chief Robert Duff of North Hanover, meanwhile, contacted the Facebook group and asked for Reading’s post to be removed. Citing concerns about “Homeland Security coming after me,” Reading agreed to allow the harmless post expressing her opinion to be removed from social media.

      Thousands of parents have signed a petition supporting Reading and the rights of all other parents not to have their children sexualized — and to be able to speak out against grooming and perversion being imposed on children in tax-funded “educational” institutions. Many called for Schilling and all others involved to resign. 

      The national scandal, which was first reported on the Chaos and Control substack under the headline Woke NJ Military Goes After Local Mom, resulted in widespread outrage throughout New Jersey and beyond. Reading even went on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show, the largest cable TV show in America, to expose the terrifying absurdity of it all.

      Having the U.S. military get involved in this case represents a dramatic escalation in the Biden administration’s escalating War on Parents and Families. Anybody who participated in infringing on Readings rights under color of law must be removed from their offices and prosecuted under federal statutes dealing with precisely this sort of abuse.

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