Study: School Causes Children To Commit Suicide

      Children are killing themselves in large numbers due to government schools, suggests a new study highlighting a very strong correlation between school attendance and youth suicide. In fact, the researchers concluded, “youth suicides are closely tied with in-person school attendance.”

      The study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), found that youth suicides decline during the summer, when children are home from school. Once school starts again, though, suicide levels among children in school start rising again.

      The trends are so clear that, in parts of the country where the school year starts in August, suicide rates start climbing in August. Meanwhile, in jurisdictions where school is not back in session until September, suicide rates among children do not start going up until then. 

      The paper, titled “In-Person Schooling and Youth Suicide: Evidence from School Calendars and Pandemic School Closures,” also found that schools re-opening after Covid lockdowns lifted produced an increase in suicides of between 12 percent and 18 percent. In other words, schools are killing far more children than Covid ever did. 

      This is not the first time the link between school and suicide has been identified. In fact, a 2018 study from Vanderbilt University published by the journal Pediatrics offered similar findings based on hospital records and emergency-room data.

      “The lowest frequency of encounters [for suicide attempts] occurred during summer months,” the researchers found. “Peaks were highest in fall and spring. October accounted for nearly twice as many encounters as reported in July.” Interestingly, adults are more likely to commit suicide in the summer.

      Government efforts to “help” only further confuse and deceive, with quack psychiatrists pushing dangerous pills known to produce suicidal and homicidal thoughts in many patients.  

      As children struggle with thoughts of suicide, they are also guided to the government-approved “National Suicide Hotline.” Once there, the distraught children are quizzed on whether they are “two spirit,” “genderqueer,” “agender,” “gender nonconforming,” “third gender,” or “a gender not listed here.” 

      “The survey perpetuates the progressive lie that gender can be chosen and that it is separate from one’s biological sex,” explains the California Family Council. “Affirming a child’s erroneous belief about themselves does nothing to help the child and resolve their confusion – it only elongates their suffering.” Indeed.  

      “Further, this survey is not only unscientific and anti-Christian, but it is also illegal,” continued the pro-family organization in its expose` of the suicide hotline. “According to California law, parents must be notified if their children are filling out surveys regarding personal information like gender identity and sexual orientation.”  

      Critics of the government “education” monopoly found a silver lining in the latest study confirming that schools increase child suicide. “Fortunately, more parents and educators are now refusing to settle for the schooling status quo for a wide variety of reasons, including its potential role in the youth mental crisis,” wrote Kerry McDonald, senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and author of multiple books on education. 

      Parents, she added, are increasingly seeking out alternatives to institutionalizing children in government schools — options such as homeschooling, micro-schools, learning pods, and more. “Finding and building more K-12 schooling alternatives can help more suffering young people to make a healthy exit from school and begin to live and learn more joyfully,” added McDonald.

      The authors of the study offer several ideas on why and how schools may be driving students to suicide, including “stress” and “depression.” But in reality, it goes much deeper than that. It is the absence of God — the God of love, light, hope, and justice — that is driving children to despair, madness, and suicide.

      The godless government indoctrination centers are literally teaching children pagan values and making them believe that there is no purpose or meaning to life. That is a recipe for societal suicide, too. The evidence is in: Government schools kill children. And if they are not stopped, they will kill America as well.

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