Indiana Bid to Protect Children From “Trans” Surgeries Draws Support

      Radical left-wing activists, the “transgender” lobby, and their allies in the increasingly discredited media are freaking out over an Indiana bill that would protect children confused about their gender from so-called sex changes and other abusive “treatments.” Supporters say the proposal is simply common sense.

      The legislation, HB 1118, prohibits “healthcare” providers such as doctors from offering children castration, mastectomies, cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and various forms of surgical genital mutilation. Those caught violating the law could face felony child-abuse charges as well as civil liability up to 20 years later. 

      Purple for Parents Indiana, a grassroots organization of parents dedicated to protecting parental rights and children, told The Newman Report that it supports the important effort to defend children. The group said it was the only comprehensive bill in the Indiana House that “addresses the transgender issue from school counselor to the surgeon.”

      “We believe it’s imperative that we protect minors from decisions with lifelong consequences when studies show that brain development is not capable of realizing the long-term effects of surgically altering one’s body,” said Rhonda Miller, who serves as president of the organization and has long been active in education issues in Indiana.     

      Among other concerns, Miller noted that statistics show suicide rates among children confused about their gender do not decrease after these life-altering surgeries. She also pointed to research in Europe, including a 2020 Dutch study, warning doctors about the harm of these surgeries considering new mental health data. Sweden even suspended gender transitions for children outside clinical trials.

      Bill sponsor Indiana Representative Lorissa Sweet, meanwhile, warned that the “attack on our children” was now a major topic of discussion, not just on the campaign trail but in everyday conversations across the state. “The protection of our children was a promise and is one of my upmost priorities,” Sweet told The Newman Report, adding that the legislation was “just one way that I can help protect our children.” 

      “It is fairly common knowledge that our brains are not fully developed until around 25 years of age,” she continued. “There is a reason we don’t allow people to drive until 16, drink or smoke until 21, or rent a car until 25. The decision to alter one’s sex and the long-term repercussions is not something a child or adolescent can even begin to comprehend.”

      Rep. Sweet also noted there were not enough comprehensive studies to understand what the long-term effects of these interventions might be. “What we do know is that other countries that are further along in doing these procedures and treatments on children have seen enough negative impact they have ceased doing them,” she said. “That should be a huge red flag to people in this country that are so set on pushing these things here.”

      “Someone must stand in the gap for these children,” continued the Republican lawmaker, part of a supermajority in the state legislature. “That is what I am trying to do with this bill. It stops the pipeline of transitioning our children that is starting in our schools and ending up on a surgical table. We owe it to this generation to keep them from being exposed to experiments with lifelong detrimental effects.” 

      The bill is one of many being introduced across the nation to defend minors amid an epidemic of barbaric “gender transitions” being perpetrated against children. According to news reports, more than half a dozen states banned or limited the procedures for children last year. Several other bills to do that were also introduced this session in Indiana. 

      The efforts drew outrage from LGBT organizations, many of which are being funded by Big Pharma interests profiting by making children into life-long customers with these sorts of procedures. “We will use every tool at our disposal to defend LGBTQ rights in Indiana,” said ACLU of Indiana Advocacy Director Katie Blair in a statement, calling the “attack bills” to protect kids part of a “hate-driven campaign.” She did not specify what was supposedly hateful.

      The effort to protect Indiana children from money-hungry quacks seeking to remove their genitals for profit comes as Biden’s transgender assistant secretary of health, a man who dresses as a female and calls himself Rachel Levine, promotes perpetrating these “treatments” on children without even parental consent. Levine also called for online censorship of those who seek to protect children.  

      Of course, promoters of castration, mastectomies, and other such abuses against children use soothing terms such as “gender-affirming care.” But in reality this is unfathomable horror against innocent children, almost all of whom have been indoctrinated, confused, and manipulated by media and public schools into seeking the “care.” Countless children later regret their irreversible decisions.

      The fact that lawmakers even have to pass laws banning genital mutilation of children illustrates how degenerate American society has become. But with government schools and Big Pharma chomping at the bit to get more children on the operating table, lawmakers must do something. More importantly, parents must protect their children immediately.

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