Indiana Lawmakers Move to Protect Parental Rights & Children 

      Following a national trend amid an onslaught of gender-bending indoctrination and “treatments” being pushed on children in public schools, lawmakers in Indiana are considering legislation to protect parental rights. Among other key elements, a new bill would protect children from sexualization at school while ensuring that parents are kept in the loop about their young ones.  

      The legislation, known as SB 413, would force school officials to inform parents whenever there are changes in the “services” their children are receiving related to their social, emotional, mental, physical, or behavioral health. It also strengthens transparency on school records.  

      In other words, if a child claims to be “transgender” and seeks “gender transition” services through the school, parents would have to be informed. The parents would also be allowed to access all records held by schools under the measure, helping to mitigate the threat of children being “transitioned” to new genders behind the backs of their parents.  

      Another key component of the bill would roll back school efforts to provide “instruction” to children on “sexual orientation or gender identity” in grades K-12. The highly sexualized “lessons” have widely been denounced by critics nationwide as “grooming” of kids, as schools teach children to fornicate and confuse them on gender.  

      Any lessons on those topics must be in an “age appropriate” manner in accordance with state law, the bill says. That provision may be strengthened further, sources told The Newman Report, making it tougher than Florida’s law that only protects children from LGBT and sex indoctrination up to 3rd grade but allows the radical sexualization to begin after that.      

      A third element of the Indiana legislation would ensure that parents are given copies of any surveys and questionnaires — many of which are outrageous and intrusive — and require parental consent before they can be administered to children. No “services” can be provided to children based on the results of those surveys without written consent from parents, either.    

      Perhaps most importantly, the bill gives parents a mechanism to enforce its provisions by allowing them to file lawsuits if their rights as parents are violated by the schools or their allies and the issue is not addressed. It also creates a grievance process for parents to file a complaint, along with a mandate that school officials either resolve the violation or explain why it has not been dealt with.   

      “This bill will fight the unwanted indoctrination and sexualization of children in schools,” Indiana Senator Gary Byrne, who sponsored the legislation, told The Newman Report in a statement. “I strongly believe parents should be informed and have the right to make the decisions regarding the upbringing of their children.”  

      The public is on board and demanding it, Senator Byrne continued. “I have spoken to many parents and even teachers in my district who are concerned about the direction education is heading toward,” he continued. “Schools are for education, not indoctrination! I promised the people who put me here I would fight for our children and that’s what I plan to do.” 

      The non-profit Purple for Parents of Indiana organization, a powerhouse founded by parents and educators, is among the grassroots pro-family groups rallying behind the legislative efforts to protect children. P4P Indiana President Rhonda Miller said the group stands behind Senator Byrne and the effort to “protect Parental Rights in Education” with SB 413. 

      “This bill is the only comprehensive bill in either chamber of the Indiana Statehouse to secure those rights on multiple fronts,” Miller told The Newman Report, adding that some amendments being sought by supporters could make it even stronger. “Senate Bill 413 reinforces the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children.” 

      Miller, who has been at the forefront of the battle in Indiana to defend children and parental rights, touted several elements of the bill as big wins for parental rights: transparency in records, bans on controversial policies to encourage gender confusion, and more. Schools would also have to inform parents if they open up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex, she noted.  

      The bill comes as states across America, following Florida’s lead, work to rein in attacks on parental rights and children by government schools. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Indiana and other states are also working to protect children in the state from genital mutilation, castration, and other quackery masquerading as “medicine” and “gender-affirming care.”

      The fact that lawmakers are discussing these issues and working to protect parents, families, and children from the avalanche of extremism coming from government schools is a good sign. But it is not nearly enough. Ultimately, if parents do not protect their own children, nobody else will.

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