Feds Fund Hypersexualized “Suicide” Hotlines for Children

      The federal government is funding “suicide” schemes and a hotline promoting radical LGBT ideology and fringe hypersexualized organizations that critics have accused of “grooming” children, while state and local education officials promote the program to children in their care, concerned mothers and activists are warning. And it is happening even in conservative states. 

      It does not take long to get from the “National Suicide Hotline” (now reachable at 988) to the so-called “Trevor Project,” a recommended resource from the hotline that promotes pseudoscientific “gender” ideology and confusion. The target: children. The group openly boasts that it is creating a “community” based on sex and gender involving both children and adults.  

      As documented by Brenda Lebsack, a veteran educator and former school board member in California, the National Suicide Hotline even illegally surveys children about their “gender.” The children of any age are given almost a dozen gender options to choose from, or the ability to choose more than one or even make up their own answer.

      When children display confusion about their gender or sexuality, the hotline refers them to the highly controversial “Trevor Project.” Among other concerns, the radical organization “affirms” and encourages children’s delusions about gender while promoting homosexuality, fornication, and confusion. Lebsack documented the organization affirming her (fake) identity as a “vampire cat.”

      Once inside the Trevor space, children are invited to join all sorts of communities and chat spaces that would be deeply disturbing to parents. These include sexual fetishes such as “furries” (identifying as animals), adults who identify as babies (regressors), witchcraft, and much more. A “Gay Men Club” on the site includes the tagline “let’s talk about boys!”   

      Numerous critics have accused the organization of “grooming” children. Dr. James Lindsey, a leading secular critic of the sexualization and indoctrination of children, blasted the “Groomer Project posing as suicide prevention.” He also warned that “something really bad” was going on there. Libs of TikTok also blasted the group as a “grooming organization.” 

      The spokesman and a key executive for the LGBT group was disgraced Biden administration official Sam Brinton, famous for gender-bending sexual fetishes such as treating other adult men as dogs and sex slaves — in public! He was recently arrested on felony charges in Minnesota. 

      In 2019, while he was at the Trevor Project, Brinton played a key role in drafting the “Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention,” along with other “woke” powerhouses including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American School Counselor Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

      And yet, even as the national “suicide” hotline is promoting this bizarre and dangerous organization while illegally surveying children about their “gender” and steering them to LGBT “communities” featuring grown men, government school IDs in California all include the hotline number on them. Even more unfortunately, the problem is hardly limited to the so-called “Land of Fruits and Nuts.” 

      In fact, Katie McCarthy with Protect Our Kids found that the same phenomenon was happening in Texas, where she moved to escape the extremism of California. “I am finding that all of this insanity is everywhere here in Texas,” McCarthy told The Newman Report, documenting the horror in a document. “No one is reporting on this and facts are hiding in plain sight!!”

      McCarthy also suggested this was predatory. “To direct confused children, who may be suicidal or contemplating self-harm, into predatory spaces where evil perversion lurks, is definitely not an act of loving care,” she added. “This in no uncertain terms is not mental health, counseling or safe.”

      Worse still, all of this is being pushed on local school districts by gobs of federal funding handed out under the guise of “Covid relief” and “mental health.” The billions of dollars behind it came from the “CARES” Act and the “American Rescue Plan,” handed out to state and local governments to push this evil.

      The best way to stop suicide among children is to stop sexualizing them and indoctrinating them with godlessness, materialism, and pagan values. Destroying them and then sending them to vile organizations like the Trevor Project is a recipe for disaster. And it is happening in your community, too.

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