Mom Sues for Being Treated as Terrorist for Questioning LGBT at School

      The feds and governments at all levels really are treating parents worried about what their children are learning at school as dangerous terrorists — and it’s not just the weaponized and politicized FBI. But now, at least one concerned mother and school board member who was targeted is fighting back, filing a powerful federal lawsuit against authorities for trampling on her rights.

      The horrific saga, covered at the time by The Newman Report, began when New Jersey mom Angela Reading expressed concern online about LGBT propaganda posters at her daughter’s elementary school promoting “polysexuality” and other perversion. In one of the most stunning overreactions yet, a U.S. military officer and a police chief suggested she was some sort of “security” threat to the community.

      In addition to reporting her to federal, state, and local law-enforcement, the officials demonized Reading publicly, stirring up a mob against her. The police chief in North Hanover Township even made phone calls to get her Facebook post taken down. In fact, as Reading saw it, these government officials were treating her “as essentially a terrorist.” The scandal made headlines nationwide.

      This month, however, Reading, with help from public-interest law firm the Thomas More Society, filed a federal lawsuit against nine individuals involved in the scandalous abuse. “The defendants acted singularly and in conspiracy with one another to deprive and chill the exercise of Mrs. Reading’s rights, including rights protected by the United States and New Jersey constitutions,” the complaint alleges.

      Reading explained that her entire life has been turned upside down since the scandal. “When all of this was taking place, I’m in law school and I had to stop going to school, not take my exams, which plummeted my GPA,” she said in a recent TV interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) about her new lawsuit. 

      The threats, bullying, and demonization got so serious that Reading actually had to pull her children from school “for their safety,” she continued. Today, she does not feel safe sending them back to that school, considering how even the superintendent participated in the unhinged demonization campaign against her. So much for “tolerance.” 

      In a statement about the lawsuit, Thomas More Society Special Counsel Christopher Ferrara, who is working on the case, explained that Reading’s Facebook post was made as a private citizen on her personal account in a discussion group. As a result of the “conspiracy” by officials to punish her, she was  “demonized, harassed, traumatized, and excoriated throughout the community,” added Ferrara.

      Reading has also now been forced to resign from her school board post and find a “costly” alternative to government school. “All of this is a direct result of a conspiracy to punish a mother who did not welcome a public school’s attempt to force a woke ideology upon her own, and other, young children – and to have the audacity to exercise her right of free speech to do so in a peaceful manner,” he said.

      The lawsuit about the hateful targeting of this mother was filed just days before a transgender woman massacred numerous victims, including at least three young children, at a Christian school in Tennessee. As The Newman Report noted last week, even gangs of children are now being deployed to terrorize those who resist the LGBT fanaticism. Reports from across the country suggest bullying is exploding.

      Unfortunately, even if she wins her case, the officials involved will almost certainly go unpunished, merely forking over taxpayer money. It is time for lawmakers at all levels of government to put in place true accountability measures for rogue officials who abuse their power to target citizens and violate their oaths to the Constitution. Until then, the horror will continue to get worse.

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