Student Arrested For Living His Faith At A Christian School

      A Baptist, a transgender policy, and a Catholic high school. It sounds like the opening of a bad joke, but it’s not. Tragically, this is our new reality in a delusional North American culture and education system.

      St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario suspended 16-year-old student, Josh Alexander and not only that, but they also had him arrested. Why?

      He spoke up. Josh believes God created two unchangeable genders and he opposes the school’s transgender policy due to his religious convictions. 

      Last October at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, some female students told Josh Alexander they were concerned about male students using the girl’s bathrooms and changing rooms. Josh and another student went to the principal but were ignored.

      A new student at the school, Josh refused to use the preferred pronouns of two transgender students and quoted Scripture in a class debate on the issue. To sum up what’s going on, he recently explained a few basic truths and insights we rarely hear articulated so clearly:

      “Our freedom of religion is under attack; God’s natural order is under attack. The family unit in general is being attacked from every angle. And they’re starting with the youth.”

      Under attack: God’s natural order, the family (including marriage between one man and one woman), and children, the youth. Let’s hope and pray more parents wake up to this sad reality.

      Next, Josh Alexander decided to organize a student demonstration outside the school, but just two days before it took place, the school suspended him from classes indefinitely. Local activist groups, however, including Renfrew PRIDE and PFLAG Canada-Renfrew County organized a counterprotest last November and called Josh’s group a terrorist organization.

      He was arrested and charged with trespassing because after his suspension, he chose to attend school regardless of an “unlawful exclusion order.” When he returned, trying to continue his education, he said he respectfully declined multiple demands to leave class. 

      Discriminated against and disrespected for his beliefs, when Josh shared his biblical view of creation in class, it was considered bullying because there was a transgender student in the class. Josh explains:

      “I was called a racist, sexist, a bigot by the staff, and students were involved in this stuff. And I just continued to voice my beliefs and it ended up getting me arrested. There were conditions they wanted me to agree to in order to return to school. As a Christian, I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to …go along with the mainstream narrative that is completely contrary to God’s natural order.”

      I wish more pastors would have the same biblical courage and this young man.

      You may be thinking, ‘but this is a Catholic high school.’ Correct. As Josh said, what he believes about there only being two sexes is “in accordance with  both Catholic teachings and the Bible.” So they tossed him out; another example of a so-called religious school that has abandoned God’s Word, science, and conformed to the world. 

      Maybe it’s because of receiving government funding, but they seem more interested in bowing to the woke mob and to godless philosophies that Scripture warn about.

      Alexander continued:

      “…I never directed at a specific trans student that was doing anything. I don’t condone their behavior, but I also sympathize with them because they’re a victim of our society and our education system and all the terrible parents that have encouraged and pushed that on their children.”

      This is another very important point. Today’s young people are being conditioned, groomed, and indoctrinated. He understands many of these kids are victims of demonic mass programming of a culture that has been deceived and seduced.

      In another apparent plot twist, Josh Alexander was a new student at the school and is reportedly a Baptist who simply transferred from public to private education.

      He opposes an unbiblical ideology and dangerous school policy and he was treated like a criminal.

      In a statement to the community, the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board, which manages 21 elementary and secondary schools, doubled down on its policy, explaining:

      “Bullying behavior that creates an unsafe space for our students is not tolerated … A trans person should not be required to use a separate washroom or change room because others express discomfort or transphobic attitudes, such as, ‘trans women are a threat to other women.’”  

      Sadly, but not at all surprising, the Ontario (Canada) Human Rights Code supports student access to whatever bathroom corresponds with their “lived gender identity.”

      This young man hopes they can find a resolution and doesn’t plan on allowing the leftist social justice mob to silence him. But he is concerned, as many of us are, about the safety of young girls, the threats against our freedom of speech, and the blatant attacks on masculinity worldwide.

      Take heart that there are young men and women like this, who take their faith seriously, live it out, and want to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached around the world.

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