Planned Parenthood Received $670 Million from Taxpayers in 2022, Committed 374,155 Abortions

      Eighty-four. Remember that number. Planned Parenthood terminates the life of a baby every 84 seconds.

      Overturning Roe V. Wade sure didn’t stop America’s abortion giant from committing over 374,000 abortions last year. If that weren’t enough, the Biden Democrats made sure Planned Parenthood got a raise of $37 million dollars.

      If you only listen to abortion activists, the Democrat media, or Planned Parenthood’s latest report, the sky is falling. “This was the year the worst happened,” they claimed, when the Supreme Court returned the issue of abortion to the states and to control of the people.

      But they sure didn’t miss a beat as the bloodshed in America continues thanks to Planned Parenthood committing the second-highest number of abortions in the murder mill’s history. 

      Did you know they received more than $670 million dollars in taxpayer funding in 2022? Did you know they snuff out the lives of 1,025 babies every single day? Did you also know Planned Parenthood received more government funding last year, $670 million, than at any time in its history?

      I didn’t think so. 

      The good news is the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision did impact the booming abortion business. Though they raked in more money, their annual report shows Planned Parenthood committed just over 2% fewer abortions than in 2021. 

      That number, however, is huge, especially for the 9,305 babies lives that were spared. 

      So, overturning Roe did save tens of thousands of unborn lives, but the Biden Democrats ensured Planned Parenthood increased its contributions from taxpaying Americans. If you’re wondering about Planned Parenthood’s revenue, its profit last year was almost $204.7 million dollars with total assets of $2.7 billion.

      Let’s be clear: despite the liberal narrative, another abortion record was set last year making the life-ending procedure the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. It must be nice to have the government, teachers unions, Hollywood, corporations, and big tech in your hip pocket. It makes child sacrifice easier to market and perform. 

      Planned Parenthood’s efforts represent about 40 percent of total abortions last year, and according to the Guttmacher Institute, just under one million unborn children lost their lives last year alone.

      This debate and evil in land has almost nothing to do with the fraction of a percent of the heartbreaking cases of rape. We can have compassion for those victims and the church should help single moms or adoption agencies. 

      The left is arguing for the unrestricted shedding of innocent blood on demand in any amount, for any reason and without apology. How did we allow this in a civilized society?

      You might be wondering Planned Parenthood was able to increase its revenue in a year we were told women lost their rights and were sent back to the stone ages. 

      Democrats gleefully repealed the Trump administration’s “Protect Life Rule,” which prevented Planned Parenthood from receiving increased funding through Title X grants. The Biden regime understands how powerful big abortion is and how well-oiled the money train.

      For those who do care, resist the lies of the left and stand for life. A decent society would protect its most vulnerable. But perhaps part of the problem is our loss of conscience and decency. 

      As far as Planned Parenthood goes, defund the slaughter and shut them down.

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