Artificial Intelligence To Replace Teachers: Bill Gates

      Artificial Intelligence will be taking on more and more teacher duties including teaching reading as AI technology advances rapidly over the next 18 months, argued controversial Microsoft founder Bill Gates. In fact, the billionaire population-control zealot said AI would soon become “as good a tutor as any human could.” 

      Speaking during a “digital learning conference” in San Diego last week, Gates outlined the path he believes the AI intrusion into education would take. “At first, we’ll be most stunned by how it helps with reading — being a reading research assistant — and giving you feedback on writing,” he explained in his keynote talk at the ASU+GSV Summit. 

      “This should be a leveler,” Gates continued, suggesting this would somehow “help” poorer parents and children as AI technology rapidly improves. “Because having access to a tutor is too expensive for most students — especially having that tutor adapt and remember everything that you’ve done and look across your entire body of work.”

      All of this will be happening in the near future. “If you just took the next 18 months, the AIs will come in as a teacher’s aide and give feedback on writing,” he continued. “And then they will amp up what we’re able to do in math.” And as if on cue, companies started publicly peddling AI tools for the classroom to “help” teachers.

      Just this week, AI firm co-founder Brian Sathianathan argued that AI can “help teachers prevent burnout” by allowing them to hand off tasks so they can “focus on teaching.” “Developing technologies like digital teaching assistants, AI grading tools, and AI document organization tools are all ways to make a teacher’s job easier by taking mundane, time-consuming tasks and having AI technology complete them,” he said.

      Another AI “education” scheme touted in the media is the Gates-funded Khan Academy’s “Khanmigo project.” Described as a “virtual teacher” and powered by GPT-4, the program supposedly helps students learn math, science, writing, and other subjects without the need for human teachers. 

      This writer has long been predicting that teachers would be sidelined in favor of technology in the years ahead. As the social engineers push the limits of what even radical “progressive” teachers are willing to teach young children — transgenderism and genital mutilation, for instance — software and devices will have to be used. It is basically glorified behavioral conditioning for children rather than animals.   

      Gates’ comments come just a few years after the United Nations summoned governments around the world to a conference in Beijing on AI in education. The final UN agreement, dubbed the “Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and Education,” called on governments worldwide to use AI in “education.”

      The document also called for using AI in education to shape the values of people in a manner consistent with UN views on everything from gender and governance to the environment. The Beijing Consensus agreement also demands that governments worldwide “adjust curricula to promote the in-depth integration of AI and transformation of learning methodologies.”

      Already, highly advanced technologies including brain-wave monitors are being used by CCP indoctrination centers posing as “schools” to track the mental activity of children. The data gathered by these technologies — some of which are being used in classrooms around the world and even in the United States — is fed into central computers for future AI analysis. 

      Unfortunately for humanity, Communist Chinese regime-controlled “companies,” rich with American capital provided by U.S. megabanks and stolen U.S. technology, are on the cutting edge of AI. And beyond just “educating” future slaves for the CCP, AI will soon become the most powerful war-fighting tool known to man.  

      The summit last week launched in 2010 as a collaboration between a tech-focused bank and Arizona State University. ASU, home of the “Sun Devils,” is a major player in the global move toward totalitarian technocratic government. It is run by Michael Crow, who also leads In-Q-Tel, the “investment arm” of the CIA, the NSA, and the broader “intelligence community.” The rabbit hole goes deep.

      Parents who love their children should be running for the exits. The emerging technologies being rolled out by totalitarian technocrats like Gates and communist mass-murderers such as the CCP are not intended to teach future generations to read, write, and reason. Rather, the goal is to scientifically train victims for techno-slavery more pervasive and total than anything previously imagined by mankind.

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