Girl, 6, Performed Oral Sex in Class With Teacher in Room

      As LGBT propaganda and sex mania takes over government kindergartens across America, those warning of a “slippery slope” have been proven right yet again with yet another horrific scandal. In fact, after this one, parents are slowly waking up to the fact that their children are not safe in the government’s hands. 

      Critics say government “educators” and the sex-ed fanatics have some serious explaining to do after a 6-year-old girl at a government school in Texas was forced to perform oral sex on a boy in first-grade class. Classmates filmed the monstrous crime on April 19 even as a teacher was in the room, according to news reports. 

      The horrific event at South Elementary first came to the attention of parents after a video of the sex act was found on a district-issued device. From there, despite officials’ efforts to cover it up, word spread rapidly as parents and members of the community began protesting and demanding answers from officials online and outside the school. 

      “A 6-year-old was exposed to things that even adults would have a hard time overcoming,” one of the outraged parents protesting outside the elementary school told the Plainview Herald. “This is trauma at its worst, and it is a trickle-down effect because it affects everyone around them.” To protect the identity of the children involved, most media outlets are not disclosing any names at all. 

      But of course, this was not an isolated incident. Parents who were protesting outside the school and spoke to local reporters said this was not new and the school was refusing to act. “There have been multiple moms coming out about stuff that has been happening all year and nothing is being done about it,” another parent was quoted as saying. “It’s hit its peak and that’s why we’re here today, to get answers.”

      Other parents are venting their fury on social media. “We’re just here wanting answers, because there are kids getting sexually assaulted by each other with the teacher in the room,” another parent said in a recent online video. 

      One mother quoted by Fox News revealed that her daughter was being brutalized for refusing to participate in sexual activities. “My daughter comes home with bruises and rashes if she doesn’t participate in these little boys’ sick games,” the parent was quoted as saying. 

      “To anyone who has a student at PISD [Plainview Independent School District]: Your children are NOT safe! Sexual abuse is happening and parents aren’t being notified! Specifically at South elementary,” an online post by a concerned parent explained. “I highly urge you to sit down and talk with your child and find out if anything is happening to them!” 

      The teacher who was in the room during the crime has been placed on “administrative leave” as the investigation proceeds. But Plainview Independent School District (ISD) officials had the nerve to claim victim status, even cancelling school in response to alleged “threats” made by outraged members of the community. 

      Law enforcement and Child Protective Services are now investigating the sex acts. “An active investigation by Family Protective Services has been initiated, and we can make no comment on the nature of the investigation,” read a statement by school officials. 

      “We are fully complying with the investigator, and we are following all state and local laws regarding such matters,” the officials added. “In circumstances, such as these, we follow the guidance and direction of the appropriate law-enforcement agency and abide by their jurisdictional authority.”

      Of course, this is the logical conclusion of the demented view of children as “sexual beings” from birth put forward by monster Alfred Kinsey, the father of the “Sexual Revolution” and the grooming of children in school through sex “education.” After training men to sexually abuse and rape children and babies with a stopwatch, the pervert concluded that children are sexual from birth and, as such, need to be subjected to relentless “sex education” starting at the youngest possible age. 

      The horror comes as the United Nations also remains under scrutiny for peddling the idea that children can and should be allowed to “consent” to sexual activity. In recent weeks, a global mega-scandal has emerged surrounding the UN’s apparent efforts to normalize pedophilia and child rape — a monstrous crime that countless UN officials have been caught engaging in.

      This sort of scandal would have been inconceivable before the advent of pervasive and perverted “sex education” that has now become ubiquitous across the nation. The adults grooming these children for sex should be imprisoned. And the parents who continue to send their children into these horrific environments should ask themselves what it will take before they finally decide to protect their young.

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