UN WHO Pushes Sex Perversion for BABIES

      Following in the footsteps of perverted sex maniac Alfred Kinsey responsible for the sexual abuse and torture of countless children, the United Nations World Health Organization is pushing the grotesque view that babies and children under 4-years old should be masturbating while exploring sexuality and gender — and that governments should encourage this. Yes, seriously.  

      Despite being peddled for years by the WHO, political leaders are only just now getting around to condemning the abusive UN WHO “guidance” as governments push it on victims of public schools. A scandal surrounding the bizarre recommendations from the global organization has reached a fever pitch in Wales and the broader United Kingdom.   

      Conservative Shadow Minister for Education in Wales Laura Anne Jones called on the self-styled planetary “health” body to “rescind the advice immediately.” “We must stop this pushing of harmful gender ideology into sex education in Wales and the UK, with immediate effect,” said Jones, calling on Welsh authorities to “distance themselves” from the “disturbing” UN guidance.   

      Under the WHO recommendations directed at European policymakers, first released over a decade ago but only now being cited in school curricula in the UK, children under 4 years of age are encouraged to “ask questions about sexuality” and “explore gender identities.” According to the WHO, children need to “gain an awareness of gender identity” for reasons that were not made clear.  

      The UN scheme also calls on governments to teach these tiny tots about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.” The organization has even released highly disturbing videos of adults teaching very young children about masturbation that very much look like grooming of children by pedophiles.   

      The approach to sex traces directly back to pervert Kinsey, who used taxpayer dollars to train pedophiles to “scientifically” abuse and rape children. Under the guise of “research,” Kinsey’s pedophiles brutally abused and raped children including babies and then concluded that they were “sexual” from birth. The horrific data documenting this abuse was in Kinsey’s book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.   

      Critics expressed outrage. Tanya Carter with the Safe Schools Alliance called for an “urgent inquiry” into links between the perversion being pushed by the UN and the sex “education” curriculum being used in the UK. “We call upon them to revise their standards to align with a safeguarding-first approach that protects children while allowing them to develop a healthy and age-appropriate understanding of sex,” the group said. 

      The organization also condemned the agenda of the UN and its agencies — especially for attempting to normalize child rape. “We find it extremely concerning that the UN and WHO are promoting an approach that is experimental, unscientific, and appears to be aligned to the work of unethical individuals and organizations, including those promoting the acceptance of pedophilia,” the Alliance said.   

      This is the same WHO that is currently working with the Biden administration on a historic power grab. Under the guise of a new “International Pandemic Treaty” and amendments to the “International Health Regulations,” the global body is seeking to become the top global authority on everything related to international “health emergencies.” Critics are fighting back hard.   

      UN education agency UNESCO, in partnership with the WHO and UNICEF, has similarly come under fire for promoting horrific “international technical guidance” on what they euphemistically refer to as “comprehensive sexuality education.” The standards call for sexualizing Kindergarten children. By age 5, the standards teach children unspeakable perversion. 

      Promoting this sort of sick perversion to children is horrific enough. It should be considered a crime punishable by law. Doing it with tax money through government is a crime against humanity. It is past time for Congress and governments around the world to defund and disband the predatory UN and the WHO for good. The innocence of children depends on it.

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