Rejecting God But Claiming To Be Happy, Youth Suicide Rates Spike

      They claim they’re happy and doing great, but research proves the exact opposite.

      Fact: Suicide is the second leading cause of death for individuals aged 5-24 years in the United States. Around the globe, destructive thoughts are more common among young people who “don’t believe in anything spiritual, are uncertain about their beliefs” or don’t believe in Jesus.

      Two more studies reveal today’s post-truth young people are at a higher risk for increased suicidal thoughts and destructive behavior than ever before in history. Why?

      One researcher suggests the primary cause of destructive behavior in today’s youth could be a lack of spiritual beliefs, uncertainty about God or faith, and nonstop sexual indoctrination and propaganda.

      Dr. Arnie Cole, director of research at The Center for Bible Engagement said they’ve been concerned about children abandoning Christianity. The new research also explores the impact of young people and increased social media use, increased mental health problems, and decreased engagement with faith.

      This modern mental health crisis is a huge problem few seem to have solutions to. Recent data shows more than 50% of middle and high school girls report feeling hopeless and depressed. More than half.

      Dr. Cole said the shocking results of his research exposes ominous signs parents and faith leaders must address. He states,

      “The further away they get from Jesus, the more lost they are; “There’s no basis, then, for anything; nothing…really makes sense. They become much more confused.”

      And that is part of the demonic plan, isn’t it. Let’s be clear about two things: God is not the author of confusion, and Satan is the father of lies.

      Tell children there is no God, that their lives are just random accidents, the purpose of life is pleasure; teach them they evolved from apes, that they might be born in the wrong body, and they can be whatever sex they choose. Just identify. What could go wrong? 

      The study involved young people in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the United States.

      According to another “Youth Risk Behavior” study, LGBQ+ teenagers were three times more likely to consider suicide than their heterosexual peers, and more likely to make suicide plans and attempts. The CDC study also exposed the fact that nearly 6 in 10 students (58%) in 2021 who had same-sex partners considered suicide.

      In case you’re wondering how high that is compared to students who only had normal, opposite-sex partners, their numbers were 26% had suicidal thoughts. 

      Moreover, youth identifying as LGBTQ+ who had same-sex partners were also more likely to make suicide plans and attempt to kill themselves. 

      You may be wondering if the isolation and depression that came during Covid lockdowns had anything to do with these results. Nope. The CDC numbers are from 2011 – 2021.

      It makes sense then, cultures obsessed with sex, along with pride propaganda and programming seem to be glaring but ignored factors leading to depression, confusion, anger, and even suicide attempts. 

      Ans don’t allow the left to try blaming believers, conservatives, or the Christian worldview.

      The Bible says God, our Creator and Designer loves us, gives us reasons for living, and offers hope in this life and beyond through faith in Jesus Christ. Satan on the other hand, comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and he hates human beings made in the image of God.

      I shared an important message recently at a conference about the cultural attacks on the Bible and the image of God. Forces of darkness along with human counterparts are assaulting the truth of Scripture, reality, and are openly mocking God.

      Many indicators point to the fact more and more young people today are experiencing what is said to be “suicidality.” That means they not only have suicidal thoughts but they make plans and carry out attempts as well.

      Let’s break down the numbers further. We’re talking about a 60% increase in the past decade.

      Overall, 22% of high school students say they seriously considered suicide within the past year. Sadly, this includes three in 10 females (30%) who considered attempting suicide, and nearly a quarter (24%) of them made a suicide plan.

      Think about the many godless influences in our entertainment-driven, high-tech society. Parents often come in last place as most teenagers report daily use of social media, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Factor into the mix their peers, their teachers, woke corporations, and secular-progressive influences.

      But this didn’t happen overnight; it took a half century or more of gradual programming. It seems the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real solution. 

      Beyond repentance and a return to God by a nation and the church, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends health providers screen kids 12 and under for suicide risk. They say it is the first step to prevent more deaths and address the crisis.

      Finally, let’s not just point out the problems and suggest potential solutions without addressing some likely causes and confronting the evil pervading our culture. 

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