Pro-North Korea Kooks Protest Moms for Liberty & Dr. Duke Pesta

      A tiny group of far-left activists joined forces with a fake “reporter” to protest and demonize an event hosted by Moms for Liberty, making a spectacle of themselves in the process. Ironically, the “protest,” organized by a local hate group intolerant of conservatives and Christians, ended up highlighting the extremism of the totalitarian fringe that is running wild nationwide. But attendees are pushing back. 

      The event this month featured Literature Professor Duke Pesta, a nationally renown expert on education who has given over 1,000 talks across the United States and leads the K-12 school FreedomProject Academy. The tenured academic spoke on extreme “sex education,” social-emotional learning (SEL) manipulation of children, and how parents and communities can resist the threat to children. 

      But local hate activists, under the banner of “Hate Free Outagamie,” saw it differently, describing Dr. Pesta as “reactionary ideologue,” a “prominent member of the infamous John Birch Society,” and a man who is “at the forefront of the growing movement to ban progressive books from public schools in the U.S.” Moms for Liberty was described, falsely, as a “far-right hate group.”

      One of the activists apparently wrote a report portraying the hateful activists as brave resisters against “reactionary” forces. “Hate Free Outagamie activists came out to declare that even at the very heart of this reactionary movement, even within the belly of the beast, resistance is possible,” the unnamed writer said in the piece for the fringe Marxist website “Fight Back News.” Two “activists” were pictured.

      Despite having somebody in the meeting recording the entire time, the “Fight Back News” outlet did not bother to provide one single example of a comment from Dr. Duke’s talk to support its false narrative. In fact, numerous attendees told The Newman Report that the “article” was dishonest at best and that the narrative was entirely fabricated.

      “This article seemed to be more about stirring up division versus reporting on what was actually presented and that could have easily provided quotes of the things that were said,” argued David Kempen, one of the attendees who listened to the talk, in a statement for The Newman Report. “I would have to rate this article mostly misleading and lacking in truth.”

      “Where is the evidence the Moms for Liberty is a ‘far-right hate group’,” continued Kempen, echoing concerns expressed by other in attendance and by normal people all across the country amid the ongoing demonization campaign. “Why wasn’t any reporting of what was actually said, so that the readers of the FIGHT BACK! News could check things out for themselves?” 

      The writer for Fight Back News, which exists to “build the people’s struggle!” (Mao, call your office!), went on to demonize the John Birch Society, saying it is “considered by many to be the progenitor of modern ‘conservative’ ideology.” The site also claimed the JBS stand for “family values” was really a scheme to conceal “homophobia” and “anti-communism,” among other real and imagined sins.   

      To get a sense of the website’s perspective, it openly supports the mass-murdering North Korean dictatorship, one of the most vicious tyrannies in all human history that quite literally turned the dictator into a god to be worshiped. Even other socialist and Marxist groups consider the website and the “Freedom Road Socialist Organization” behind it to be a laughingstock.  

      The protest appears to have been organized at least in part on Facebook, which showed 6 people attending. One activist on social media, “professional psychotherapist” Jax Anderson, featured a photo of herself advocating “kicking the ******” out of Moms for Liberty. Anderson, who lists her “pronouns” while railing against patriarchy and firearms, also said she ate beans the night before to “stink up their space.”

      The escalating hate and violent extremism being directed at parents seeking to protect their children from groomers and sexualization in school is becoming increasingly dangerous. “Defense of Democracy” co-founder Karen Svoboda was quoted in Vice News saying, “we treat Moms for Liberty like the KKK.” Meanwhile, the out-of-control Biden administration has been siccing the FBI on concerned moms.

      As anybody who has ever encountered a bear with cubs in the woods knows, getting between a mom and her baby is dangerous business. Parents must recognize these existential threats to their families and children for what they are and respond accordingly. The reality is that if parents don’t protect their children from these perverts, nobody will.

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