Indiana Launches Portal to Report Obscene School Material

      In an effort to protect children from groomers, revolutionaries, and perverts seeking to indoctrinate them with obscene and illegal material, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita quietly launched a new “Eyes on Education” portal for parents and citizens to upload objectionable content from schools. The education establishment, along with groomers and perverts in government schools, are freaking out. 

      “Our kids need to focus on fundamental educational building blocks, not political ideology – either left or right,” the Attorney General’s office said in a news release. “The Office of the Attorney General will follow up on materials submitted to the portal that may violate Indiana law using our investigative tools, including public records requests, and publish findings on the portal as well.”

      Among the materials already being submitted by parents and even whistleblowers within schools are sexually graphic books, racially charged propaganda, quizzes on political views, photos of BLM and LGBT flags, “gender transition” plans for students brainwashed to believe they were born in the wrong body, and more. The Newman Report has been exposing similar outrages in Indiana and beyond for years.

      But across Indiana, parents are fed up, and they want action. “As I travel the state, I regularly hear from students, parents and teachers about destructive curricula, policies or programs in our schools,” AG Rokita, a Republican, said in a statement. “Our kids need to focus on fundamental educational building blocks, NOT ideology that divides kids from their parents and normal society.”

      In an interview with the Heritage Foundation’s news portal The Daily Signal, Rokita said parents were even sending him some of the troubling lesson plans. “This is around the time that we were calling out critical race theory and this social-emotional learning that was being taught to teachers and then teachers to the students, and it was corrupting the whole educational experience,” he said.

      In addition to bringing about transparency and accountability, the conservative-leaning chief law enforcement officer touted the move as intended to protect the rights of parents to raise their own children. “This is a tool to empower parents in their dealings with their own school system so they can better raise their kids, which is their job and not the schools’,” he explained. 

      Indiana Department of Education officials — most of them brainwashed radical ideologues who believe they are pursuing “social justice” and “equity” by bombarding children with race, sex, and political propaganda — told reporters that were not aware that AG Rokita’s office was working on the plan. Like a child with his hand in the cookie jar, the bureaucrats expressed deep concerns. 

      Democrats in the legislature and the media were mad, too. “If there’s someone in those school districts who’s unhappy, they should be encouraged to go to the authorities in that school district,” said Rep. Ed DeLaney, D-Indianapolis, adding that Rokita is “causing enormous problems for people — and he’s interfering with the normal political process.”

      Even at the district level, officials were alarmed, urging parents to come to the district rather than report to law enforcement. “We believe in transparency and family engagement,” claimed Emily Abbotts, director of school and community relations for Hamilton Southeastern Schools. “As always, parents are encouraged to bring their questions or concerns to our school and/or district administration.”

      Speaking to the Indy Star, Carmel Clay Schools spokesman Emily Bauer lashed out after her district was exposed. “Multiple documents clearly originated from a now-defunct outside special interest group, and others appear to be online quizzes with no additional context provided,” she claimed. “As a tool for purported transparency, it is irresponsible to portray these screenshots as curriculum, as CCS follows the Indiana State Standards [re-branded Common Core].”

      Indiana is one of several states where lawmakers have worked to remove government-school exemptions from obscenity laws. Under normal circumstances, providing obscene material to children such as pornography would be considered a serious crime punishable by prison time. But in most states, government schools have exemptions to those laws protecting the innocence of children. 

      Following in the footsteps of states such as Florida, Indiana lawmakers also tried to rein in the indoctrination and sexualization with a variety of bills in recent years. However, the abuse continues. In fact, multiple Indiana education officials were exposed on hidden camera by Accuracy in Media plotting to deceive parents and break the law by peddling Critical Race Theory and other such propaganda.   

      “Either these parents are part of a huge conspiracy and making all this stuff up, as the teachers and principals and school board members would have you believe, or there’s really something going on—even in good ol’ Indiana,” Rokita explained. “So we’ve been collecting these different submissions for about the last year and a half.”

      The fact that Democrats, groomers, perverts, government “education” officials, and the far-left media are panicking about the Eyes on Education portal is extremely revealing. They all know that if parents knew what their children were being exposed to, many of those parents would be furious — potentially even outraged enough to pull their children. Rokita is a genius.

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