University of Florida Student Government Unveils “Green New Deal”

      Despite official efforts in the Sunshine State to rein in the woke extremism that has infected American academia, the “student government” at the University of Florida just approved a sweeping set of “Green New Deal” measures to save the planet. If approved, the war against prosperity and freedom under the guise of stopping the gas of life would further consume the campus.  

      The move, which has not yet been approved by the adults in the room but passed the student senate unanimously, represents a major embarrassment for one of the nation’s top public universities. It is especially awkward for Republicans in Tallahassee including Gov. Ron DeSantis trying to paint Florida’s government “education” system as somewhat less nutty than those afflicting other states.    

      As part of the new scheme, the student government called for the university to inject “climate change education” across the curriculum to further indoctrinate the already brainwashed students. “UF will ensure that all undergraduate students have increased access and awareness of climate change-related curriculum and courses during their time at UF,” the scheme declares. 

      Of course, students at UF are constantly bombarded with climate propaganda already. But under the new measure, the university will “include climate change-related courses as part of undergraduate general education requirement.” In other words, the brainwashing — and submitting to it — will be mandated.   

      The resolutions also called for waging war on emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), exhaled by people and widely known as the “gas of life” to scientists. Human emissions of CO2 represent a fraction of one percent of all the “greenhouse” gases in the atmosphere naturally. And CO2 makes up 0.04 percent of the atmosphere.  

      To understand just how extreme the Green New Deal is, consider the words of Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore. In an interview with this writer in Canada, Dr. Moore — a scientist and hardcore environmentalist — said plot was a “recipe for mass suicide” that would decimate the human population, not to mention the environment.  

      As is typical at U.S. colleges these days, one of the measures argues that it is especially important for UF to battle alleged man-made “climate change” because the phenomena “has disproportionate effects on Black communities, Indigenous communities, and People of Color.” Yes, even CO2 emissions are racist! 

      “Seeing a huge campus in a red state adopt a ‘green new deal’ is hopefully a sign that this movement is spreading to other universities around the country, and start treating this climate crisis like a crisis that it is,” said useful idiot for the establishment Cameron Driggers, executive director of the “Youth Action Fund” bankrolled by special interests that pays young people to promote “progressive change.” 

      As if to illustrate how clueless he was, Driggers complained about the university’s $2.3 billion endowment and the fact that its investments are not publicly disclosed. “It’s a public university, public money, and we don’t even know what it’s being spent on,” he continued, apparently unaware that investment is not spending.

      Another one of the measures approved as part of the package calls on state lawmakers to force the rest of Floridians. “The University of Florida Student Senate calls upon Florida Lawmakers to take action to address the climate crisis in an urgent manner and to adopt a Green New Deal for the State of Florida,” the “student government” declared.

      The measures approved by the student government will now be considered by UF’s board of trustees, scheduled to meet on March 7, according to the far-left U.K. Guardian that first broke the story. The head of the student senate has a seat on the board, but it was not immediately clear whether other members supported the scheme.


      One hopes that these brainwashed students will come to their senses when they have to make a living and stop mooching off of taxpayers and their parents. However, the brainwashing on the issue, which has been comprehensive and ubiquitous from the time they were in elementary school, will be difficult to undo, no matter how much science and evidence contradicts the debunked warmist hypothesis. 

      As everyone who has taken economics 101 understands, when you subsidize something, you get more of it. That applies just as much to the woke madness infecting UF and the broader “higher education” system. It is time for Florida lawmakers — and policymakers across the country — to stop subsidizing this madness before it destroys civilization. 

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