Lawmakers Want to Show School Children Video of Unborn Babies

      In an effort to humanize the victims of abortion in the minds of young people, lawmakers in Tennessee, West Virginia, Iowa, and beyond are following in the footsteps of North Dakota with legislation to show high-quality video of unborn babies to children in government schools. Naturally, the abortion lobby is up in arms. 

      Last week, the Tennessee House of Representatives passed the “Baby Olivia Act” requiring public schools to show videos of babies developing in the womb prior to birth. Earlier this month, the West Virginia Senate did as well. And similar legislation has already moved through a key committee in the Iowa House. Other states including Kentucky and Missouri are considering it, too.  

      The bills would force government schools to show students a “high quality, computer-generated animation or high-definition ultrasound of at least three minutes in duration that shows the development of the brain, heart, sex organs, and other vital organs in early fetal development.” The goal is to educate children on human development.

      One video that meets the criteria outlined in the legislation comes from Live Action, a pro-life organization led by activist Lila Rose. The short film, called “Meet Baby Olivia,” shows the development of baby Olivia from conception through birth. It highlights key stages of her development including heartbeat, organ development, and more. 

      Rose, who leads the group, explained why efforts such as these are so important. “When people learn the truth about the humanity of children in the womb, and the barbaric procedures abortionists use to kill them, they change,” Rose explained when North Dakota passed a similar measure into law last year. “They become pro-life.”

      Pro-abortion extremists lashed out at the video and the legislation. Some complained of alleged “misinformation” without providing examples or simply quibbling about how many weeks it takes to hear a heartbeat or for a baby to survive outside the womb. Most of the opposition came from abortionists and Democrats. 

      The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which represents large numbers of abortionists, led the charge. “Many of the claims made in this video are not aligned with scientific fact, but rather reflect the biased and ideological perspectives of the extremists who created the video,” a representative of the pro-abortion group told NPR, the tax-funded leftwing propaganda machine. 

      The organization went on to blast the video as “misinformation” without detailing any specific examples. “Like much anti-abortion misinformation, the ‘Baby Olivia’ video is designed to manipulate the emotions of viewers rather than to share evidence-based, scientific information about embryonic and fetal development,” the spokesman said.

      But in the real world, countless medical experts and doctors have pointed out that the video is, in fact, medically accurate. It was created using content from the Endowment for Human Development (EHD), a non-profit working to “improve health science education” that is “​​committed to neutrality regarding all controversial bioethical issues.” 

      Planned Parenthood, the largest butcher of unborn babies in America and an organization founded by a notorious racist eugenicist, deployed its minions to fight the effort, too. “Frankly, as a parent of a kindergartener, the idea of showing this propaganda video next year really boggles my mind,” complained Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa Director of Public Affairs Mazie Stilwell, calling the film “anti-abortion propaganda.”

      Lawmakers, biologists, and doctors all pushed back on the lies of the pro-abortion movement. “I was trained as a biologist, and [Baby Olivia] is definitely accurate,” said Tennessee Representative Chris Todd. “It’s incredibly accurate. We have a lot of things in our society that are protected … in the environmental world and animal world.”

      North Dakota passed a version of the law in April of 2023. So far, the sky in the state has not fallen. However, it is likely that some children who may have otherwise been duped by Planned Parenthood into murdering the so-called “clump of cells” in the womb now know enough not to be deceived. That, of course, is what the pro-abortion movement hates. 

      Anti-life, pro-death extremists love to use government schools to promote abortion, perversion, castration of boys, hysterectomies for girls, and all sorts of other abominations. But when common-sense Americans merely seek to show children facts about how unborn babies develop in the womb, the abortion advocates freak out and start shrieking like banshees. 

      If taxpayers are going to be forced to fund government schools, the least they should be able to expect is that children will be taught the truth about important issues, very much including human development. All states should enact similar legislation as quickly as possible. Hopefully, it will protect young people from being deceived into killing their own children.

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