Big Ed Freaks Over Homeschool Mom Running for NC Superintendent

      The education establishment and its allies in the leftwing media are in collective freakout mode over conservative homeschool mom Michele Morrow, who recently ousted an establishment candidate in the primary for North Carolina state superintendent of public instruction.

      Morrow, an outspoken advocate of legitimate education, won her race by promising to have government schools focus on academics instead of race-mongering, sexual topics, and other indoctrination. Her supposedly “Republican” opponent had allowed the extremism and even porn to run rampant throughout the state’s “education” system. 

      Obviously, the establishment was not pleased with Morrow referring to public schools as “indoctrination centers” and blasting them for brainwashing children with “socialism.” Voters, however, loved her honest approach, giving her an upset victory against an establishment bigwig who was expected to win easily. 

      Establishment propagandists such as CNN immediately sprang into action. When “reporter” Shimon Prokupecz failed to get a response, the infamous fake-news purveyors at CNN chased her down in person. “Do you stand by what you’ve said about the public education system, that it needs to be destroyed?” Prokupecz asked.

      Morrow responded calmly and gracefully. “Do you know that education is a problem in this entire country?” she asked. “So maybe they need to focus on what’s going on in your state of New York which, by the way, is where I grew up. Maybe they need to focus on what’s going on in California where children are not getting the education that they need.”

      In North Carolina, parents and taxpayers are looking for solutions. “Right now in North Carolina, I’m focused on helping the families of North Carolina for their children to get quality education for them to be safe and for us to be sure that our money is going into the classroom rather than bureaucracies,” added Morrow, a mom of five. 

      Throughout her campaign, Morrow has pointed to various concerns about the situation in government schools including an 84 percent increase in violence and crime in schools, the unchecked growth of “useless bureaucracy,” and atrocious literacy rates. She has also lambasted the leftist indoctrination and sexualization of children. 

      In response, among other attack tactics, far-left “news” outfits have also been trolling through Morrow’s old social media postings seeking anything to use as ammunition. They pointed to years-old comments she has made on various political issues as evidence that she cannot be trusted to oversee the state’s government schools.

      Those social-media posts include, for example, opposition to Islamism, and previous calls for executing Barack Obama and Joe Biden on charges of treason. During the “pandemic,” Morrow also vocally opposed the Biden administration’s lawless decrees on masks and other issues. The fake media has also repeatedly sought to link her to “Q Anon.”   

      But Morrow, writing on X, hit back hard. “The dysfunctional media is trying to create ‘gotcha moments’ out of old comments taken out of context, made in jest, or never made in the first place,” she responded. “They’re doing it to hide the radicalism of the Democrat platform. It won’t work.”

      Before that, responding to CNN’s unhinged behavior, Morrow pointed out that Obama had slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians with drones in the Middle East. “The insanity of the media demonstrates the need to teach K-12 students real history and critical thinking skills,” she added on social media. 

      In the primary earlier this month, Morrow defeated establishment Republican “RINO” Catherine Truitt, who ignored the pleas of parents and taxpayers. Morrow’s opponent in the general election, Democrat Maurice “Mo” Green, is being backed by teachers’ unions and the broader education establishment.  

      If and when Morrow wins her election, which appears increasingly likely as fury over indoctrination grows across the political spectrum, she will quickly find that fixing the system is not possible. It was designed to indoctrinate and dumb-down children, and it works very well when considering its real purpose.

      A Morrow victory will not succeed in making the government schools safe for children, as the problems are systemic. However, this race can help shine the light on the dumpster fire that is government education, and ultimately encourage more families to protect their children before it is too late. Watch North Carolina.

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