Soros and Rockefellers Fund Pro-Hamas “Revolution” on Campuses

      The increasingly violent and lawless pro-Hamas “protests” taking place at leftwing universities across America are being funded by billionaire George Soros and the Rockefeller dynasty. And according to the organizations involved, the goal is ultimately “revolution.” 

      A number of the key organizations involved in the chaos ripping across academia are on the Soros payroll. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), for instance, which described the October 7 terror attack by Hamas as a “historic win,” has received funding from a network of organizations funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations and others. The group’s members have been seen chanting “We Are All Hamas.”

      SJP has been identified by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs President Dan Diker as a “terror organization front.” Diker, who authored a report unmasking SPJ, noted that the group was founded by a radical professor who also founded a Hamas-affiliated organization and has called for “intifada” against America. SJP has hosted jihadists, Marxist-Leninist leaders, and even an attempted hijacker.

      Another major group involved in the pro-Hamas activism on college campuses being bankrolled by Soros and other leftist mega-donors is U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR). The group, which pays “fellows” thousands of dollars and boasts of training them to “rise up, to revolution,” received some $300,000 from Soros in recent years. It identifies “capitalism” and “white supremacy” as underpinning U.S. support for Israel. 

      Also providing over $350,000 to USCPR in recent years is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The tax-exempt fund, powered by massive oil wealth from the totalitarian dynasty, showers money on other revolutionary groups as well. These include the Sunrise Movement, which played a key role in the violent “racial justice” riots that destroyed billions worth of property (mostly owned by minorities) and left countless dead in the summer of 2020. 

      Of course, many of the students protesting and rioting have very little understanding of what they are protesting or why, as they have even admitted on camera. But those organizing and financing the rent-a-mobs and useful idiots have a much clearer vision: This is revolution, as spokesmen and leaders are openly claiming. 

      Some of the revolutionaries’ leaders have even openly discussed murdering “Zionists.” Columbia University encampment leader Khymani James, who uses the pronouns “he/she/they,” made a video urging viewers to “be grateful that I’m not just going out and murdering Zionists.” 

      There are also well-trained experts who do this for a living and have been captured on camera giving the rioters instructions. For example, in this video, “professional protest consultant” Lisa Fithian — a staple at communist demonstrations for decades — can be seen guiding protesters as they destroy property and break into Columbia university.

      This is not the first time Muslims and others have been used as useful idiots by well-funded subversives promoting revolution. In fact, according to Romanian KGB chief Ion Pacepa, who defected to the West in 1978, the mass-murdering Soviet regime sent thousands of KGB agents into the Middle East to radicalize Muslims against Israel and America. 

      “In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S.,” explained Pacepa, arguably one of the most important defectors. “As KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov told me, a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions.”

      The United Nations has also been instrumental in brainwashing young people — especially young Arabs along Israel’s borders — with jihadist propaganda urging them to wage perpetual war on Jews. As this writer has documented for over a decade, the UN Relief and Works Agency uses textbooks that glorify terrorism and even provide military-style training to children.

      After tolerating the increasingly violent riots and illegal encampments, law-enforcement last week started cracking down and even arresting some of the criminals. However, in the quest to tamp down on violence and lawlessness, free-speech organizations are warning government officials not to cross the line into restricting constitutionally protected rights to free speech.

      “State-mandated campus censorship violates the First Amendment and will not effectively answer anti-Semitism,” argued the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in response to actions in Texas. “By chilling campus speech, the executive order [by Gov. Greg Abbott] threatens to sabotage the transformative power of debate and discussion.” 

      States across the country have laws criminalizing the funding and encouraging of riots. Just as rogue prosecutors are terrorizing Trump and his allies by abusing the law, legitimate prosecutors across the country could use existing statutes to go after the funders and the professional revolutionaries behind the scenes while leaving free speech alone.

      As National Security Council Director of Policy and Planning Rich Higgins explained in a memo, a broad alliance of groups including communists, globalists, and Islamists are united in their goal of destroying America — not just as a nation, but even as an ideal. Unfortunately, tax-funded universities are playing a key role in the process. America must react.

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