David Fiorazo

      David Fiorazo is an author, public speaker, and radio personality. He has been involved in the broadcasting and entertainment industries for over thirty years, and in Christian ministry for over twenty five years. David considers himself a culture observer, he loves the Word of God, and strives to defend and proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ without apology or compromise.

      Bad Theology Begets Antisemitism

      Jonathan Brentner is the author of the book, “Triumph of the Redeemed,” he’s a...

      Academia’s Propaganda War On the West

      Dr. Jake Jacobs is in studio to share his experiences of Marxism on campuses pushing hatred toward Judaism.

      Time for Bold, Godly Leaders in Church & State

      Pastor Steve Smothermon of Legacy Church, Albuquerque is the guest on Worldview Matters and tells it like it is.

      Manifesting Deception and the Law of Attraction

      Former New Age author Doreen Virtue shares with David the dangers of manifestation and...

      Wake Up Call: End Times, Israel, and Revival

      Pastor Claude Stauffer, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Hope and Bible of NY discusses...

      ISRAEL: A Legacy of Hate and Hope in Human History

      Dr. Jake Jacobs of FreedomProject's 'One Nation' talks with David regarding the amount of...

      How To Discern Truth From Lies and Fake News

      Dr. J.B. Hixson visits Worldview Matters again to discuss how the media has created...

      Demonic Enemies of God, the Bible, and Israel

      Pastor Dean Dwyer joins Worldview Matters again from 'down under' to talk once more about Israel and how God will prevail!

      ‘Sparky’ Children’s Book on Redemption, Reflecting God

      Pastor Joe Schimmel has been equipping Christians with the truth of God’s word for decades. He founded Good Fight Ministries in 1987, and has also been ...

      Freemasonry Beliefs, Practices, and Symbols

      Pastor John Pennell revisits with Worldview Matters where he and David take a closer look into Freemasonry, including their symbols and beliefs.

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