Jake Jacobs

      Escaping Communism & Supporting Trump

      Dr. Jake Jacobs interviews Jorge Rivas from El Salvador.

      My Country, Tis of Thee?

      Dr. Jake Jacobs shares is concerns over the death of our Republic

      Chaos & Crisis At The Biden Border

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the Globalist Agenda of the Democrats,WEF, EU & UN

      American Lasters & Biden’s State of Chaos

      Dr. Jake Jacobs explains the Globalist-Democrat agenda of American Last.

      Democrats Use Illegal Aliens To Expand Power & Control

      Dr. Jake Jacobs explains the unconstitutional & illegal actions of the Biden administration.

      The Perpetual War To Destroy President Trump

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the never-ending Democrat onslaught on Donald Trump.

      Mobocracy: “This Is What Democrats Look Like!”

      Dr. Jake Jacobs talks about his experience defending Governor Scott Walker vs. Democrats.

      Civil War At The Border

      Dr. Jake Jacobs interviews Arizona Sheriff's Dept Lt. Chris Lapre.

      To Be 17 Again!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the brave American liberators of Europe during WWII.

      MAGA vs. Democrat Statism

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the brilliant speech of Argentina's President at the WEF.

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