Katie Petrick

      Katie Petrick is a millennial, but do not ask her to use Snapchat or take a selfie. Yes, she will spend hours at the local coffee shop or working out, but she also participates in her local community and cares about the health of the America republic. Growing up in the farm fields of Wisconsin she values a hard day’s work. A devoted student of knowledge, Katie has earned baccalaureate degrees in political science, communication, and secondary education: broad field social science. While completing a master’s degree in political science at Northern Illinois University, Katie taught undergraduate courses in American government and political statistics. Her international experience includes a summer internship in the British Parliament and a study abroad trip to Greece. Before completing her education degree and joining FreedomProject, Katie served as editor of a weekly newspaper, gaining insight into local education and politics.

      70% Of Children Are Terrified Of “Climate Change”

      A new study finds 7 out of 10 children are afraid of “climate change,” but climate alarmists say they need to refocus their efforts in...

      College Freshmen Forced To Complete ‘Privilege Checklist’    

      We start at Joe Biden's alma mater, the University of Delaware, where privilege is not just a talking point, it is a mandatory class for...

      English Teacher Describes White Boys As ‘Predators’ For Class    

      An Oregon high school is playing dumb after an English teacher made a list of words that describe white boys, which of course includes the...

      Teachers’ Union Boss Called The Most Dangerous Person On The Planet

      Donald Trump's former Secretary of State says the most dangerous person in the world is not some foreign dictator, but actually the head of the...

      Kids Used As Alarmist Props At This Year’s Climate Summit

      For the first time ever, brainwashed children are center stage, as they regurgitate alarmist talking points at this year’s Climate Change Summit in Egypt.{position:relative;width:100%;height:0;padding-top:56.25%;}>iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;}

      English Teacher Tells Students If They Don’t Support LGBT They’re Probably Gay

      An English teacher in New Jersey just got busted, on a secret recording, telling students that people who don't approve of gay relationships are all...

      Middle School Teacher Says He Fantasizes About Students

      A middle school teacher in Connecticut is fired after undercover video reveals sexual comments being made about his students.{position:relative;width:100%;height:0;padding-top:56.25%;}>iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;}

      Biden’s $400 Billion College Loan Forgiveness Declared Illegal

      A federal judge in Texas strikes a massive blow to Joe Biden's $400 billion dollar student loan forgiveness, declaring it illegal to forgive college debt...

      Climate Activism Has Quietly Become Top Priority In Classrooms Around The Country

      An astounding new video shows admission that 32 million teachers around the globe are being trained to make one-sided, pseudo-science climate fear a main focus...

      Father And Pastor Throws A Little Spiritual Fire At School For Dumbing Down Kids

      A father and pastor in North Carolina brings the wrath, as he lectures school board members on their failure to protect children from evil, while...

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