Katie Petrick

      Katie Petrick is a millennial, but do not ask her to use Snapchat or take a selfie. Yes, she will spend hours at the local coffee shop or working out, but she also participates in her local community and cares about the health of the America republic. Growing up in the farm fields of Wisconsin she values a hard day’s work. A devoted student of knowledge, Katie has earned baccalaureate degrees in political science, communication, and secondary education: broad field social science. While completing a master’s degree in political science at Northern Illinois University, Katie taught undergraduate courses in American government and political statistics. Her international experience includes a summer internship in the British Parliament and a study abroad trip to Greece. Before completing her education degree and joining FreedomProject, Katie served as editor of a weekly newspaper, gaining insight into local education and politics.

      School Principal Sees Nothing Wrong With 8-Year-Olds Reading About ‘Dirty Magazines’

      A Florida assistant principal goes viral after being asked if he believes 8-year-olds should read a book about a transgender student that references pornography and...

      Biden To Force Public Schools To Accept Unlimited Genders & Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms

      The Biden administration has unveiled a new regulation that will force public schools to bow before all the invented “gender identities” and sexual perversions that...

      Famed Rachel Dolezal Gets Fired From Elementary School For Posting Adult Videos

      A woman who famously faked being black when she was leading the NAACP is fired from an elementary school after parents discovered some very disturbing...

      Colorado Democrats Force Schools To Pretend Confused Kids Are Transgender

      Colorado is poised to pass a bill that will force schools to socially transition any student who questions his or her gender, regardless of what...

      School Looks To Punish Parents When Kids Don’t Show Up For Class

      With school truancy becoming a big problem across the country, one Wisconsin district is looking at citing parents whose kids don't show up for class.{position:relative;width:100%;height:0;padding-top:56.25%;}>iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;}

      Students Offered Gift Cards To Promote COVID Vaccines And Other Injections

      The New Jersey government is now offering kids prizes to shill for Big Pharma and its never-ending list of vaccines and mRNA injections.{position:relative;width:100%;height:0;padding-top:56.25%;}>iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;}

      Winter Drag Show Appeals To Kids In Order To ‘Get Them Accustomed’

      A winter drag show in Michigan draws tons of people excited to see little children being exposed to the drag lifestyle at such a young...

      Five Male Athletes Crush Women In College Volleyball Thanks To Equity

      College volleyball is now welcoming men on women's teams in the name of equity and to have a competitive advantage that many seem to be...

      Shocker: $250,000 ‘Woke Kindergarten’ Program Makes Kids Dumber

      Despite nationwide condemnation, a San Francisco elementary school proudly admits it spent $250,000 on a "Woke Kindergarten" program that made kids academically dumber but more...

      Leftists Panic As Indiana Launches Site For Parents To Expose School Content

      In an effort to protect children from groomers and perverts seeking to indoctrinate them with obscene and illegal material, Indiana has just launched a new...

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