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      Catholic School Suspends Student For Believing God Made Two Genders

      Catholic school chooses wokeness over Catholic teaching, to the surprise of no one.

      Trans Teacher In Maine Shares Inappropriate Video With Students

      Creepy, narcissistic trans teacher fired for sharing racy videos with kids.

      Loony Democrat Pushes Law To Punish Conservative Speech

      Logic-challenged Shelia Jackson Lee Wants Anti-Open Border proponents sentenced to federal prison.

      The New Frontier Of Woke Insanity: TRANSABLEISM

      Progressives suggest accommodating persons who identify as blind and paralyzed by cutting off limbs and destroying sight.

      White Paint Now A Symbol Of White Supremacy

      Academics in whiter-than-white Norway worry that white paint is making the world more racist.

      Drag Queen Invited To Signing Of Unnecessary Marriage Bill

      For some reason, the Biden administration brought a NY drag queen to Washington to celebrate a bill about gay marriage.

      Detroit Lefties Decide Ben Carson Isn’t Black Enough

      Detroit progressives remove Ben Carson's name from school because he dared to work in the Trump administration.

      Texas City Council Votes To Restrict Obscene Books From Public Schools

      The League City, Texas, town council votes 4 to 3 to create rules to restrict books in public schools that are determined to have...

      School Administrator Brags About Handing Sex Toys To Kids

      The Dean of Students of a pricey private school boasts about giving butt plugs and dildos to kids. After Project Veritas exposes him, the school

      Cambridge Defends Sermon that “Trans” the Body of Christ

      Outrage ensues after a Christian service is hijacked by a disturbing "sermon" on the queer and trans body of Jesus in art and culture.