One Nation - Page 2

      Child Sacrifice Unto The Islamic Gods

      Dr. Jake Jacobs explains the demonic origins of Hamas and Islamic jihad.

      Hamas, Hitler & Jew Hate In Our House

      Dr. Jacobs exposes the Islamic Jihad agenda to exterminate the Jews, Israel and Christian Civilization

      Death To Israel! Death To America!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the anti-semitic and anti-American worldview of Radical Islam.

      Inside Israel: Conversation With A Former IDF Soldier From Jerusalem

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the Hamas genocide with former Israeli soldier, Keren Ginossar.

      We Don’t Smoke Marijuana In Muskogee

      Jake discusses Communist China's love of a drugged up America.

      The Mass Psychology Of Fear: DO NOT COMPLY!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the mass psychology of fear and totalitarianism.

      The World Is On Fire & We Have Under 6 Years To Save It

      Dr. Jacobs discusses the insane world of Eco-Fascism & their desire for control over YOU. 

      The Biden Crime Syndicate & Trump Fatigue Syndrome

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the preponderance of evidence indicting Joe Biden & his family.

      American Crisis At The Border

      Dr. Jacobs exposes the lies and disastrous inaction of Biden & Mayorkas at our Southern Border.

      TRANTIFA: Live And Let Die!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the radical anti-Christian agenda of Trantifa & Queerism