Worldview Matters

      J.B. Hixson: Faith, Perspective, And Preparedness For Major Crises

      Dr. J.B. Hixson gives advice and tips on being prepared and surviving major events and scenarios that threaten every-day life.

      John Haller: AI, Disinformation, And The Global Tyranny Of Power Elites

      John Haller is and Elder at Fellowship Bible Chapel. He talks about the future of AI, world government, and big tech’s obstacle of cooling...

      Trevor Loudon: ‘Enemies Within’ Destroying America On Purpose

      Trevor Loudon joins Worldview Matters to discuss his newest release in 'House Un-Americans' with Part 3.

      Gary Kah: The Clock Is Ticking On The Globalists & NWO Regime

      Gary Kah is the son of parents who’ were persecuted under oppressive regimes during World War II. After working under...

      Bill Perkins: Steeling The Mind, Keeping The Faith In Crazy Times

      Bill Perkins and his wife Susie founded Compass International, a nonprofit ministry, back in 1983.

      Jeff Wagner: Use Your Platform, Sphere Of Influence To Fight For Freedom

      Jeff Wagner is the host of The Patriot Review and also produced the documentary ‘Breaking the Oath.’ He joins David in studio...

      Todd Nettleton: Increasing Persecution Of Christians Globally

      Todd is the host of Voice of the Martyrs radio and author of “When Faith Is Forbidden: 40 Days on the Frontlines with Persecuted Christians.”

      Jonathan Brentner: World Clock Is Ticking, But There’s Hope In The Hereafter

      Jonathan Brentner discusses his new book ‘Hereafter’ as well as the upcoming eclipse and how it may be a signal from God of the...

      Sam Sorbo: Speak Truth, Combat The Toxic Liberal Left

      Sam Sorbo is an actress, writer, producer, author, and so much more. She joins Worldview Matters to urge parents to teach and raise their...

      Part 2 – Holly Pivec & Doug Geivett: Bethel Church, NAR, and ‘Reckless Christianity’

      Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett have a newly released book titled 'Reckless Christianity.' They discuss the destructive new teachings and practices within the church...