The Mass Psychology Of Fear: DO NOT COMPLY!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the mass psychology of fear and totalitarianism.

      The World Is On Fire & We Have Under 6 Years To Save It

      Dr. Jacobs discusses the insane world of Eco-Fascism & their desire for control over YOU. 

      The Biden Crime Syndicate & Trump Fatigue Syndrome

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the preponderance of evidence indicting Joe Biden & his family.

      American Crisis At The Border

      Dr. Jacobs exposes the lies and disastrous inaction of Biden & Mayorkas at our Southern Border.

      TRANTIFA: Live And Let Die!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the radical anti-Christian agenda of Trantifa & Queerism

      Sex Wars! A Boy Named Sue & The Girl From Ipanema

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the Trans-Queer agenda to destroy sexual reality.


      Dr. Jake Jacobs is the author of Mobocracy: The Cultural and Political War to Destroy Our Republic under God, and his latest work MOB RULE: Unmasking the Radical Leftists at Our Doorsteps. Jake has degrees in American History and Biblical-Judeo-Christian Studies from Arizona State University, Ashland Theological Seminary and North-West University. When Dr. Jacobs was a public High School teacher he publicly defended Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Fox & Friends. Jake is a frequently requested speaker for Young America’s Foundation.

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