Dr. Jake Jacobs is the author of Mobocracy: The Cultural and Political War to Destroy Our Republic under God, and his latest work MOB RULE: Unmasking the Radical Leftists at Our Doorsteps.

      Jake has degrees in American History and Biblical-Judeo-Christian Studies from Arizona State University, Ashland Theological Seminary and North-West University.


      The Shot Heard Around The World! An American Lion Roars

      Dr. Jake Jacobs covers the assassination attempt on President Trump

      Exclusive Interview With The Director Of “Disciples In The Moonlight”

      Dr. Jake Jacobs interviews Brett Varvel the Director of the new movie "Disciples In The Moonlight."

      Thou Shalt Not Sue…Ten Commandments Headed For Schools

      Dr. Jacobs discusses the Democrat-Regressive attack on our Republic's Judeo-Christian heritage

      Exclusive Interview With The Director Of Mike Rowe’s New Film

      Dr. Jake Jacobs interviews Jonathan Coussens, the director of Mike Rowe's new film "Something To Stand For."

      World Gone MAD With Joe In Charge

      Dr. Jake Jacobs sounds a warning of the disastrous Biden leadership

      DemoRATS & Psychotic Leftists vs. Trump and Liberty

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the pernicious agenda of the Democrat Party and Leftists

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