Dr. Jake Jacobs is the author of Mobocracy: The Cultural and Political War to Destroy Our Republic under God, and his latest work MOB RULE: Unmasking the Radical Leftists at Our Doorsteps.

      Jake has degrees in American History and Biblical-Judeo-Christian Studies from Arizona State University, Ashland Theological Seminary and North-West University.


      Salvation Is Of The Jews

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the growing Jew/America hate across the World

      Escaping Communism & Supporting Trump

      Dr. Jake Jacobs interviews Jorge Rivas from El Salvador.

      My Country, Tis of Thee?

      Dr. Jake Jacobs shares is concerns over the death of our Republic

      Chaos & Crisis At The Biden Border

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the Globalist Agenda of the Democrats,WEF, EU & UN

      American Lasters & Biden’s State of Chaos

      Dr. Jake Jacobs explains the Globalist-Democrat agenda of American Last.

      Democrats Use Illegal Aliens To Expand Power & Control

      Dr. Jake Jacobs explains the unconstitutional & illegal actions of the Biden administration.

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