Dr Duke Show - Page 4

      Canada Denies Euthanasia To Transexual Indigenous Person

      Canada, eager to kill its own citizens, won't kill trans because it might stigmatize trans surgeries.

      Wisconsin Public Schools Rife with Graphic Sex Garbage

      Middle-Schoolers Exposed to Kinky Sex Book.

      Mayorkas Claims Borders Not Open, Despite Record Illegal Aliens

      Lying and gaslighting the American people fine, as long as it's Democrats doing the lying.

      Wisconsin Congressman Warns About China Rewriting The Bible

      Congressman Mike Gallagher Discusses China's Co-opting of Christianity.

      Young Preacher Arrested For Reading Bible On Public Sidewalk

      Wisconsin cops arrest preacher for reading Bible at drag queen show targeting kids.

      Kamala Harris Lies About Florida’s Black History Curriculum

      Shallow Vice President Corrected by the black author of the new standards.

      Study Shows That Liberal Kids Are More Depressed, Especially Females

      Who'd a thunk it? Progressive Ideology is ruining young lives.

      Benefactor Pulls Money Back From Intolerant University

      Donor retracts donation over illiberal faculty behavior.

      Medical Experts Push Back Against “Gender Affirming Care”

      Finally, scientists and doctors begin to fight back against trans-insanity.

      Biden’s Department Of Justice Down-Plays Sex Trafficking, Prioritizes Domestic Terrorism

      The federal Department of Justice Minimizes Sex Trafficking, pandering to the Left.