Dr Duke Show

      President of the National Association of Scholars to Speak in Milwaukee

      Peter Wood to address free speech and worldview in the wake of medical college cancellations.

      Speaker Of The House Johnson Rebukes Carville’s Smear Of Christianity

      Mike Johnson combats the left's made up slur of Christian Nationalism.

      Dicken’s Carol: The Ghost Of Christ At Christmas

      The greatest ghost story ever told is also the greatest Christmas story since the gospels! Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Jake Jacobs bring you...

      NYC Seeks To Remove Public School Exit Exams

      The won't teach them, so they must eliminate testing them

      University Of Utah Goes Full Fainting Couch After Detransitioner Speaks On Campus

      Fragile profs and students cower and cry over criticism of Trans mutilations.

      Daycare Workers in South Carolina Create Toddler Fight Club

      Since SC banned cock fighting, this is the next best thing?

      Trans Thug Threatens To Rape Christian Girls

      Media hides alarming threats from deranged "trans" bullies.

      Huge Pro-Israel Protests Descends on Washington

      Pro-Israel protest without violence and threats.

      MIT Pro-Palestine Student Takes Over Math Class

      Professor surrenders classroom to protestors.

      Home School Numbers Soar

      Public school failure, not Covid, fueling sharp increase of homeschooling.