Dr Duke Show

      Irony: Orwell’s “1984” Rewritten With Female Protagonist

      Girl Bosses Everywhere...Rather Than Learn from Orwell, The Left Rewrites Him.

      Theology Professor: “God Help Me Hate White People”

      Black, female pastor implores God to help her hate Whites.

      Study Reveals Dangerous Generation Gaps On Key Issues

      Indoctrinated Gen Z'ers Poised to Unmake American Ideals.

      Study: Suicides Rise Dramatically After Gender Surgery

      Who Knew? Gender Mutilation Makes Sick Kids More Suicidal.

      10-Year-Old Bullied To Death In Public School

      Little boy's suicide is an appalling failure of American education

      “Science Of Reading” The Latest Progressive Education Failure

      The newest, lamest trend in keeping public school kids illiterate.

      UW Milwaukee Surrenders To Protestors

      Pathetic College Admins Worse that Clueless Student Protestors.

      White Progressive Billionaires Funding Anti-American Campus Protests

      Cis Gender White Rich Dudes Weaponizing American Haters.

      UW Milwaukee Student Protestor Whines About Tent Life

      So brave! Entitled Snowflake Shares is Pain as Radical Chic.

      Scots Require Teachers To Interrogate 4 Year Olds About Sexuality

      The land of William Wallace descends into a cesspool of creepy child-sexualizers.