One Nation

      Civil War At The Border

      Dr. Jake Jacobs interviews Arizona Sheriff's Dept Lt. Chris Lapre.

      To Be 17 Again!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the brave American liberators of Europe during WWII.

      MAGA vs. Democrat Statism

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses the brilliant speech of Argentina's President at the WEF.

      Does The Democrat Party Hate The USA?

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses Mark Levin's latest book & Leftism.

      It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses Christmases of the past & present.

      Are We Living In A Police State?

      Dr. Jake Jacobs discusses Dinesh D'Souza & Dan Bongino's film POLICE STATE

      The Death Heard Around The World!

      Dr. Jacobs discusses the lies surrounding the death of George Floyd & Mod Rule in America

      Young Americans Now Showing Support For Bin Laden

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the insanity of the endorsement of the mass murder...

      Can Hamas And The “Palestinian” People Answer This?

      Dr. Jake Jacobs asks these questions of the Hamas executioners & the "Palestinian" people.

      Fahrenheit 451-Burn Down the American Republic!

      Dr. Jake Jacobs exposes the LEFTIST agenda to stop the 1st Amendment and destroy America.