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      J. Warner Wallace: True Crime Stories, Human Nature, And Life Lessons

      J. Warner Wallace is a Dateline featured cold-case detective, author, and speaker. He joins Worldview Matters to share...

      Dean Dwyer: The World’s Inversion Of Truth

      Pastor Dean Dwyer from Australia and David Fiorazo discuss how ‘evil’ is being called ‘good’ and good is being called ‘evil.’ Eiser St. Baptist Church:...

      Jane Lledo: Joy Despite Trials Requires Purposeful Surrender

      Jane Lledo talks with David about the trials and tribulations in life, and the importance of not giving up on eternal perspective.

      Alex Newman: Censored By The Leftist Big Tech Media Conglomerate

      Journalist and author Alex Newman joins Worldview Matters to discuss his book ‘Indoctrinating Our Children To Death,’ as well as how big tech is still pushing censorship.

      Nancy Pearcey: Understanding The ‘Toxic War On Masculinity’

      Nancy Pearcey is the author of The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes, as well as Love Thy Body, The Soul...

      Christy Stutzman: The Spiritual Price Of Political Silence

      Christy Stutzman is a writer for The Washington Stand, author of multiple books, including ‘The Spritual Price of Political Science,’ and has also served as a state representative.

      Britt Gillette: 6 Global Events That Could Rock The World At Any Moment

      Britt Gillette is the creator of ‘End Times Bible Prophecy with Britt Gillette.’ He talks with David about the 6 global events that could change the world at any moment.

      J.B. Hixson: Headlines Prove Increasing Cultural Chaos In U.S.

      J.B. Hixson is the Founder and President of Not By Works Ministries. He and David explore the current headlines happening around the U.S.

      Brad Dacus: Defending The Cross Of Christ In The Public Square

      Brad Dacus is the President of Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit focused on defending ‘the religious freedoms, parental rights, and other civil liberties of people who cannot defend themselves.’

      Scott Lively: Confessions Of A ‘Hate Criminal’

      Dr. Scott Lively has advocated and modeled the Biblical worldview as a writer, speaker, attorney, pastor, human rights consultant, and missionary for more than 30 years on five continents.