G20 Meeting Agrees to Globalize Education

      The Group of 20 governments and dictators, known as the G20, agreed to a document that touts various globalist education schemes. Indeed, high-ranking globalists took a break from demanding a “New World Order” to celebrate the G20 jumping on the “global education” bandwagon as part of “shaping an interconnected world.”

      Meeting in Hamburg last week, the governments and mass-murdering regimes ruling the world’s 20 biggest economies — Communist China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the European Union and more — agreed on a wide range of schemes. While having policy for Americans made by autocratic foreign powers is troubling enough, the group’s decision to get involved in education should set off alarm bells worldwide.

      “We note the UN Secretary-General’s proposal to establish an International Finance Facility for education taking into account other existing initiatives, such as the Global Partnership for Education and Education Cannot Wait,” the G20 said in its final “Leaders’ Declaration.”

      The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, is a proud socialist who led the Socialist International, a powerful alliance of socialist and communist parties — including many that have slaughtered innumerable human beings. Aside from his well-documented globalism, socialism, and extremism, Guterres played a crucial role in engineering the tsunami of Islamic migration into the Western world.

      The Global Partnership for Education, meanwhile, is a globalist front group that works to bring globalist indoctrination to children around the world under the guise of “education.” It is funded by, among others, the regimes ruling Russia and the European Union, as well as U.S. taxpayers, the Rockefeller Foundation, and more.

      For some perspective, it is worth noting that the UN’s “education” agency UNESCO, run by known Bulgarian Communist Party operative Irina Bokova, is one of its “partners.” UNESCO has long been demanding brazen indoctrination of children worldwide. The World Bank and UNICEF are also listed as “partners.”

      The global “Education Commission,” chaired by former U.K. Prime Minister and longtime “New World Order” pusher Gordon Brown and guided by various UN agencies and socialist and Islamist regimes, was also pleased with the G20 emphasis on “education.” “Delivering an education to every child is the civil rights struggle of our time, and G20 leaders have affirmed this right by recognizing the urgently-needed International Finance Facility for Education,” said Brown, referring to the “facility” that would funnel more Western tax money into the UN’s indoctrination programs.

      Writing in CNN with has-been celebrity “Shakira,” who performed at the “Global Citizen” confab in Hamburg, Brown also linked the agenda to the UN’s broader Agenda 2030. “Our sustainable development goal of an inclusive and quality education for all can be met,” he said.

      As The Newman Reportdocumented on July 10, the United Nations “Agenda 2030,” also known as the Sustainable Development Goals, centers on globalized indoctrination and a deliberate dumbing down of humanity. It is being done under the guise of “education,” but Agenda 2030 and other UN documents make the true nature of the program crystal clear.

      With that in mind, the rhetoric posted on the G20’s official website about its agenda becomes even more alarming. “The G20 will be resolute in its endeavors to ensure the rapid and comprehensive implementation of the 2030 Agenda,” declares the site, without explaining that the UN plan involves global governance and international wealth redistribution.

      “Why would the US, as a first-world country need to shift its education to match everyone else’s?!” wondered Lynne Taylor, an education blogger known as the Common Core Diva. “Warriors, think about it, if America doesn’t align, the agreements we’ve entered into concerning adhering to global agenda items, we’ll have violated them.”

      It is time for America to withdraw from the international outfits such as the UN and the G20 that hope to weaponize education to facilitate their agenda. In the meantime, Americans must protect their children.

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