NY Times Attacks Critics of Government Schools

      The establishment’s leading propaganda mouthpiece, the New York Times, showed once again why so many Americans have been delighted to hear Donald Trump ridicule their constant stream of “fake news.” In a vicious and shockingly dishonest hit piece demonizing millions of great Americans, the dying uber-left newspaper attacked Americans who reject government schools as basically neo-Confederate theocrats who want to bring back slavery.

      The nutty writer, whose name and book we won’t mention to avoid giving her free publicity, noted that economist Milton Friedman and libertarians have long criticized the government-centered education paradigm. “But the attacks on ‘government schools’ have a much older, darker heritage,” she claimed. “They have their roots in American slavery, Jim Crow-era segregation, anti-Catholic sentiment and a particular form of Christian fundamentalism — and those roots are still visible today.”

      Ironically, many of the fiercest and most prominent critics of government school today are black Americans such as Voddie Baucham, Jesse Lee Peterson, Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams. But the Times has never been known for letting facts get in the way of its fringe agenda.

      As proof, the Times writer cited Presbyterian theologian A. A. Hodge, dishonestly trying to link his arguments to slavery by claiming he “admired” a guy who apparently supported slavery. Hodge referred to “government schools” as “the most appalling enginery for the propagation of anti-Christian and atheistic unbelief, and of antisocial nihilistic ethics, individual, social and political, which this sin-rent world has ever seen.” He was talking about the spread of atheism. And since then, the problem has only gotten worse. But the pro-government “education” zealots at the Times would never admit that fact.

      But critics were quick to ridicule the piece, and the Times, for the half-baked diatribe. “Stewart’s argument is lazy. It’s generalized, misinformed, and reads much like a carnival barker shouting down the looming threat of theocracy, theocracy, theocracy,” wrote Andrew Walker, director of policy studies for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, in The Federalist. “It’s such absurd, zero-sum thinking that one feels bad for the nursed resentment this author has cultivated over time toward millions of citizens who disagree with her code of educational ethics.”

      Comparing criticism of government education to “a secularized form of apostasy” for many liberal zealots, Walker explained why the extremist defense of “public” schools was so rabid. “The whole op-ed is a shocking revelation of the moral imagination of modern-day progressives — bring your child before the state to receive the requisite social values or else the whole system is being undermined,” he noted, highlighting the secular-progressive tendency to deify and worship the state as god instead of recognizing the real God.

      The New York Times is perhaps most infamous among liberty-loving Americans for, among other journalistic crimes, lying to the American people to cover up Stalin’s genocide-via-engineered famine in Ukraine. It also gained infamy for helping to put mass-murdering criminal Fidel Castro into power in Cuba. Today, the self-styled “paper of record” continues its horrifying legacy of slandering good people, such as parents concerned about their children’s education, while covering up horrors such as those taking place daily in government schools.

      The Times should be ashamed of itself. But of course, the Gray Lady appears to have no shame at all, even refusing to return the Pulitzer Prize for its now-proven lies denying Stalin’s Holodomor genocide in Ukraine.

      The fact that the Times and the establishment feel the need to go on offense against those who reject “government indoctrination camps,” as one leader quoted in the piece referred to them, is great news. The path to restoring America, the Constitution, and the biblical principles underpinning Western civilization runs straight through education. They realize that. It is time our side did as well.  

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