New Campaign Seeks to End Abusive Every Student Succeeds Act

      A new initiative to stop what campaigners call “child abuse in the classroom” is officially underway. Specifically, the parents and activists are taking aim at the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that they say mandates the deployment of “abusive psychological techniques on children.” The organizers blasted the statute and its mandates, saying that the federally enforced abuse must be immediately halted.

      The so-called “ESSA,” dubbed a “Christmas miracle” by Obama because it codified his entire education agenda into federal statute, has been a lighting rod for criticism. Among other concerns, critics noted that the unconstitutional bill cements the dumbed-down Common Core standards in place, deploys “social and emotional learning” schemes, and funds a broad array of radical and dangerous programs.

      In a press release recently sent out by organizers, a number of specific grievances against the controversial education act were outlined. Among the complaints were violations of privacy; psychological manipulation; violations of personal liberty; manipulation of children’s attitudes, values, and beliefs; attacks on religious freedom and freedom of conscience; keeping parents out of the loop; the illegal nationalization of education; the use of unsafe and experimental techniques; and much more.

      In a statement to FreedomProject Media, Karen Bracken, a great-grandmother and the founder of Tennessee Against Common Core, said it was time for Americans to step up. “Anita and I have been talking about this for a long time and we decided it was now or never,” said Karen Bracken, director of communications for the initiative, referring to Anita Hoge, one of the other leaders of the campaign.

      “They have ignored us for 8 years and we feel at this point we have no other options but to take a more aggressive approach,” continued Bracken, who also founded Starve the Beast. “It is obvious President Trump is being isolated from the truth about education…. We hope to get a meeting with our President but we are also prepared to take legal action if necessary.”

      Prominent education researcher and writer Lynne Taylor, also known as Common Core Diva, has been exposing the evils of ESSA from the start. “ESSA’s mandates control education much like a dam,” said Taylor, who is involved in the initiative to stop ESSA as well. “It offers little to no freedom in its course. It’s a dead end for America!”

      The national effort to stop the scheme, led by parents and education activists across America, is seeking intervention by top Trump administration officials to prevent the unleashing of the “social, emotional, and behavioral standards and interventions” mandated under ESSA.

      The organizers are asking Trump and Vice President Pence to form an investigating committee.

      Additionally, the activists want Trump to rescind Obama’s executive order 12866. That scheme, which gutted legal protections for student privacy, purports to allow data-mining of student information by outside corporations, including the use of personality profiles. The campaign is also asking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to shut down the data systems currently vacuuming up sensitive information on American children.

      “Secretary DeVos must shut down the teacher training and psychological interventions for the social, emotional, and behavioral conditioning that are experimental, subjective, and illegal in the classrooms of America,” the activists said in a statement, pointing to violations of statutory and constitutional protections for America’s children.

      The ESSA represents everything that is wrong with education and the federal government. It was sold using lies, and it represents an enormous danger to freedom and self-government. Americans must unite against the education establishment, or risk losing their nation. Stopping the ESSA would be a good start.

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