Public School Forces Kids to Sit Through Sex Change Seminar

      A government high school in Virginia forced children to sit through an assembly promoting gender confusion, genital mutilation in “sex-change” surgeries, and other absurdities. Parents, students, and even teachers were shocked.

      Now, the school is under fire, with the powerful non-profit Family Research Council (FRC) sounding the alarm

      Parents were not informed in advance, according to a horrified teacher who asked to remain anonymous. The children were apparently not given an opportunity to opt out of the indoctrination session, either, the gender ideologist’s comments suggested. 

      The program, held at George Mason High School in the Northern Virginia city of Falls Church, featured well-known gender-confusion advocate Amy Ellis Nutt. Among other absurdities, Nutt told the children that those who “assign” their “gender at birth” — doctors who examine their anatomy — might have gotten it wrong.

      “Gender is a spectrum,” claimed Nutt, a propagandist for the far-left Washington Post, a discredited megaphone for Bilderberg attendee and CIA contractor Jeff Bezos that perpetuates the lie that a globalist Insider who wanted to deny voting rights to black people gets to define the “conservative” movement.

      During her bizarre speech, Nutt lectured the students on her book Becoming Nicole. According to summaries of the book, it tells the story of a biological boy who claimed to be a girl, took puberty-suppressing hormones, and then was castrated at age 17 as part of a “gender reassignment” surgery. Nutt told the children she attended the castration. 

      The gender ideologist also told the children they better get “comfortable” with the new gender ideology, and get used to the shifting language surrounding gender. Not allowing men and boys to use girls’ restrooms is bullying, Nutt told the students in an apparent effort to bully those children who still believe in biology, modesty, and objective truth.

      “Gender dysphoria is not a mental health condition,” Nutt responded when asked by an astute student whether the gender-bender crusaders weren’t improperly glorifying a mental-health issue.

      “It is included in the DSM, which is the bible of mental illnesses of psychiatrists,” she admitted. “But only because gender dysphoria isn’t the inability or confusion of a transgender child to understand why they are the way they are, it’s the failure for [sic] other people to understand that. It’s the confusion that comes because of the cultural misconceptions and not being able to fit into that.”

      Not everyone was convinced, though. “There is great disagreement on this issue, especially among medical experts,” wrote FRC Senior Fellow for Legal Studies Cathy Ruse, noting that almost all children confused about their gender will get over it after passing through puberty (unless they are egged on by adults). “When a public school takes sides, nobody wins. But students, and taxpayers, lose.”

      As The Newman Report documented last week, more than one in four victims of government school in California are now “gender nonconforming.” The reason for the surge in confusion is that they are being indoctrinated with the exact same propaganda forced on innocent children by Nutt and her co-conspirators in Virginia — propaganda that the American College of Pediatricians classifies as “institutionalized child abuse.”

      Parents must take urgent action — up to and including yanking their children out of these indoctrination centers now — or risk irreparable harm to the minds, bodies, and souls of their young ones. The stakes could not be higher. 

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