Tax-Funded University Hosts “Violence of Whiteness” Lecture

      Surprise! Another out-of-control, tax-funded American university is under fire nationwide after it was exposed pushing racist and hateful propaganda on faculty and impressionable students. Among other absurdities, students will learn about “the violence of blackness” and how “Jewishness” and “Latinoness” pose an “existential threat” to the United States.

      Just kidding.

      In reality, as part of a lecture on “whiteness,” a fringe “professor” from Beloit College with a PhD in “Feminist Studies” – yes, seriously – was invited to UMN to give a lecture on how “whiteness poses an existential threat to social, political, and economic life in the U.S.” The nutty professor, Jamaican Lisa Anderson-Levy, will also argue for “dismantling whiteness.”

      “[D]ecentering whiteness is one of the most urgent social dilemmas of our time and demands our immediate attention,” explains the “abstract” for the talk, titled The Elephant in the Room: A ‘Grown Up’ Conversation about Whiteness. The presentation also “explores the ways in which academic institutions are poised to either reproduce or interrupt these discourses,” according to the invite.

      “Analyzing and understanding the intersectional operation of whiteness has the potential to shift paradigms, if there is will and courage,” continues the invite for the event, which is co-hosted by UMN “Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies” and the UMN “Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change.”

      “This presentation prompts us to ask: what might it look like to decenter whiteness in our scholarship, pedagogy, institutional governance, and broader intellectual praxis – including in our budgets, our curricula, our disciplinary genealogies, our interactions with students, and our relationships with each other as colleagues?” continued Anderson-Levy, who has not responded to requests for comment by reporters.

      The outrageously racist event was first reported by Campus Reform. But it was quickly picked up by Infowars, the Drudge Report, and more. While UMN officials confirmed it was real, everybody seems to be hiding now that the taxpayers forced to fund the hate are learning about it.

      For comparison, imagine a Japanese or Indian person showing up in Jamaica and bilking Jamaican taxpayers to brainwash their children into believing that “blackness” is “violence” and that it poses an “existential threat” to Jamaica. Or imagine a Nigerian showing up in Israel and extorting Israeli taxpayers to indoctrinate their children into believing that “Jewishness” is “violence” and poses an “existential threat” to Israel.

      Despite concealing her hatred and bigotry behind what appears on the surface to be anti-white racism, Anderson-Levy and other haters like her do not really hate white people for lacking adequate melanin levels in their skin. Instead, they hate Western civilization and all it represents – Christianity, traditional morality, individual liberty, strong families, free markets, widespread prosperity, and more.

      While racist haters such as Anderson-Levy are welcome to spew their hateful and racist venom, taxpayers should never be forced to subsidize such idiocy. The people of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and every other state ought to be asking their legislators to closely scrutinize funding for state universities.

      It has now become abundantly clear that, left to their own devices, the lunatics running these tax-funded indoctrination centers masquerading as educational institutions would burn down society and all that is good – if they could. It is time for taxpayers and their elected representatives to restore sanity in higher education before the criminally insane fully take over the rest of society.

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