Indiana Educators Could Face Felony For Exposing Kids To Obscene Sex-Ed

      Effective this month, Indiana parents have a powerful tool allowing them to “veto” the sexualization, perversion, confusion, and indoctrination of their children. Under a new law, school officials exposing children to obscene material could be charged with a felony. The measure also compels government schools to seek consent from parents prior to providing any sort of lessons on sex, homosexuality, gender confusion, and more.

      “We have teachers who are going beyond the standards and are getting into what I call more sensual, more nitty-gritty stuff, almost to the area of pornography,” State Sen. Dennis Kruse, the bill’s Republican author, was quoted as saying by, a popular pro-life news service. “We thought ‘wow this is creeping in now’ so we better do something so that it doesn’t take over the curriculum.”

      Under the new statute, Public Law 154, combined with an existing law that was already on the books but was not being properly enforced, government schools are now required to notify parents with at least two written requests prior to offering the children any “instruction” in so-called “human sexuality.” The correspondence must accurately summarize everything that will be presented. Parents then have the option of either consenting to the “instruction” or not.

      In a letter to state and local education officials across Indiana, the Christian public-interest law firm Liberty Counsel warned that even when parents consent, all material presented to students must remain within the bounds of Indiana law. Violations constitute a felony. That means any false, misleading, or obscene material presented to children in schools could land officials in hot water, and potentially behind bars.

      Using a sample letter for parents, Liberty Counsel is also helping ensure that material from organizations known for pushing perversion, sexualization, and other objectionable material is prohibited. The list of offensive outfits and programs includes the National Sexuality Education Standards, Future of Sex Education Initiative, Sex Etc., Advocates for Youth, Answer, SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, The Kinsey Institute, Indiana Youth Group, GLSEN, and the Gay Straight Alliance.

      The sample letter for parents reads, in part: “I DO NOT CONSENT to my child being given instruction or information on any aspect of human sexuality, including the following: abortion, birth control/contraceptives, sexual activity of any kind whatsoever … sexual orientation … transgenderism,” and more. The letter also bars schools from referring children to outside agencies, groups, or counselors to skirt the ban.

      Education activists in Indiana were thrilled with the developments. Evansville-area grassroots leader Jeannie Georges also celebrated the ban on government schools performing personal analysis, evaluation, and surveys that reveal or attempts to affect students’ habits, attitudes and opinions. “Now, if we can simply get it enforced,” she said, adding that those seeking to sexualize and manipulate children have seen the news in and “are having a come-apart.”

      Unfortunately, while the new law is certainly a valuable tool for parents, it may provide false hope that children can remain in government schools without being indoctrinated and exposed to inappropriate material. In reality, government schools have become industrial-scale indoctrination centers that are dumbing down the public and preparing Americans for a dark future. As such, the safest option is for parents to get their children out.

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