Illinois Lawmakers Seek To Engulf K-12 Students in “LGBT History”

      Lawmakers in Illinois, apparently unashamed as their state implodes into insolvency, are working on a bill that would fix …. the supposed lack of enough homosexual and transgender history? Yes, really. It’s all part of making government indoctrination centers more “inclusive,” legislators and supporters of the scheme claim. Even kindergartners will be pounded with the propaganda.

      Under the radical “Inclusive Curriculum” bill working its way through the legislature, all books used in government schools must tout the “role and contributions” of lesbians, “gays,” bisexuals, and “transgenders.” The legislation, SB 3249 in the Senate and HB 5596 in the House, follows the adoption of similar perversion mandates in California.

      Also part of the bill is a demand that the “teaching of history of the United States in public schools shall include a study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.” And as occurred in California, to comply with the mandate, textbook publishers will be forced to falsely implicate historical figures in alleged homosexuality.

      Finally, the bill purports to require “every public elementary school and high school to include in its curriculum a unit of instruction studying the significant role of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in society.” Where none are available — after all, LGBT hero Harvey Milk has now been exposed as a child rapist — they will have to be invented.

      The bill makes clear that homosexuality and gender confusion must not just be normalized, but portrayed as something positive. “This instruction shall be designed to teach that LGBT individuals have a rich history and have made substantial and valuable contributions to society, including government, arts, sciences, mathematics, sports, education, and in the economic, cultural, and political development of society,” the text states, adding that students must be taught about the LGBT movement’s “rich advocacy.”

      Critics were outraged. “Leftists seek to associate homosexuality and opposite-sex impersonation with achievement in order to transfer the positive feelings people have about achievements to homosexuality and gender confusion,”explained Laurie Higgins, the cultural affairs writer for the non-profit Illinois Family Institute. “Public schools—which are funded by all taxpayers and serve a diverse population—have no business treating homosexuality or opposite-sex impersonation as if it were objectively and inarguably moral.”

      “If this indoctrination bill is passed, ‘agents of change’ (formerly known as teachers) will base their text selections not on the quality of a text but, rather, on whether it was written by a homosexual or by someone who adopted an opposite-sex persona or on how it depicts homosexuality and the ‘trans’ ideology,” Higgins warned, adding that the governor was likely to sign it. “Curricula will become–even more than it is already–a political tool.”

      Of course, Higgins urged everyone to fight the bill by contacting their elected officials. But perhaps more importantly, “while you’re doing that, plan an escape route for your children from government schools.”

      The legislation has already passed the Senate and has cleared several hurdles in the state House as of early this summer. Activists are hoping lawmakers will finalize it this fall. The lead sponsors include State Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) and State Representative Anna Moeller (D-Elgin).

      But even without the law in place, government schools in Illinois and across America are already subjecting impressionable young children to an endless barrage of LGBT brainwashing.

      This legislation in Illinois is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how utterly debased the government’s indoctrination centers have become. Parents of faith who believe the Scriptures now have no option but to withdraw their children from these cesspools.

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