Google Joins Big Government To Spy On School Kids

      Google, one of the most controversial corporations in the world, is spying America’s school children — without the knowledge or consent of the students or their parents. Browsing habits, personal data, and more are all fair game. Even their e-mail is being data-mined by the corporate leviathan. And federally funded school districts are willing accomplices in it all.

      One of the key tools Google uses to spy on school children across America and beyond is the so-called “G Suite for Education,” previously known as “Google Apps for Education.” Around 80 million students and teachers are now signed up, according to media reports. Some 25 million now use “Google Chromebooks.” Countless more rely on Google’s e-mail services.

      Several years ago, the left-wing Silicon Valley giant was embroiled in scandal after being caught spying on children as young as 7-years old using the “Google Chromebooks” issued to students. Every website they visited was logged, recorded, and entered into a database. Videos the students watched were also documented. Even their passwords were vacuumed up by the lawless company.

      “Despite publicly promising not to, Google mines students’ browsing data and other information, and uses it for the company’s own purposes,” said Staff Attorney Nate Cardozo with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit group that defends privacy online, calling on authorities to get involved and deal with the federal violations and deceptive business practices. “Minors shouldn’t be tracked or used as guinea pigs. If Google wants to use students’ data to ‘improve Google products,’ then it needs to get express consent from parents.”

      In a recent piece exposing the “kiddie data predators” at Google, conservative journalist Michelle Malkin suggested lawmakers ought to get involved, too. “Allowing Google to dictate ‘frameworks’ for education information grabs is like letting the fox guard the henhouse,” she wrote. “Parents have a right to know — and the right to ‘NO’ — when it comes to protecting their children’s privacy. Anything less is capitulation to kiddie data predators.”

      Keep in mind, Google is a company that is so bigoted, it literally censors conservatives and Christians from its platforms while allowing leftist hatemongers to spew the most vile venom imaginable. This is the company that had its top executives exposed in a leaked video as blatant cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton and haters of Donald Trump and his supporters. Despite its former “Don’t be evil” slogan, it seems Google is becoming more and more evil every day.

      Combined with Big Brother government, which is also gathering massive amounts of data on students to help brainwash them more effectively, it is clear that there is a major problem. If something is not done to restrain the feds and the Googles of the world, privacy will become a thing of the past — and scientific indoctrination on an industrial scale will become the norm, worldwide.

      Despite all of the new high-tech gizmos involved in “education” today, students are becoming objectively dumber and far more indoctrinated in anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-Christian ideology than ever before. It is way past time to get Google and the feds out of the classroom before they do any more permanent damage.

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