Male Teacher Disciplined For Refusing to Watch Teen Girl Shower

      A male middle-school teacher in Florida is being punished for refusing to watch a female student shower naked after physical-education class, sparking an outcry among parents and advocates for sanity everywhere. The outrageous controversy has also garnered the attention of Liberty Counsel, a Christian public-interest legal organization that is fighting to protect the teacher and the boys who wish to shower and get dressed without a girl present.

      According to a report by WND, the scandal at Chasco Middle School in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, surrounds an “unwritten” transgender policy. Basically, under the scheme, boys who claim to be girls, and girls who claim to be boys, must be allowed to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice. The school’s two P.E. teachers objected, but were ordered to keep silent. In fact, they were even prohibited from warning the children so they could take cover, with the school claiming that would be “discriminatory.”

      When the girl walked in unannounced and caught the boys literally with their pants down, the male students suffered embarrassment and mental anguish. Some of the boys rushed to find the teachers so the adults in the room could sort out the situation. Unfortunately, though, the teachers had been gagged by school administrators, and so they could not even answer questions about what was going on, according to Liberty Counsel.

      As a result of the male teacher’s refusal to go in the locker room while a girl was naked, he was accused by school officials of not doing his supposed “job,” which includes periodically walking through the locker rooms and showers to check on the boys. He said he could not and would not knowingly place himself in a position where he would “observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress.” And so, he was told by school administrators that he would be transferred to another school as a disciplinary measure.

      Now, Liberty Counsel is fighting back to “rein in these rogue school employees and administrators and reject their unauthorized LGBT policies and practices that violate parental and employee rights and the privacy rights of students.” In a letter to Pasco County School District Board Cynthia Armstrong, Staver noted that there is no law that would require such insanity. As such, the letter added, “objective biological sex – male and female – is (and should remain) the determining factor for access to gender-appropriate public school facilities.”

      Parents should understand the full implications of sending one’s child to a government school today. It means your child may end up naked with members of the opposite sex, may be forced to watch a “drag queen” called “L’Whor” promote the LGBT agenda on career day, and it means they are very likely to end up illiterate and unable to think at even the most basic level. Parents no longer have any excuse to subject their children to this.

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