Parents Hold “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” Against California Madness

      California parents are outraged and keeping their children home from school today — and for good reason. To comply with the 2016 “California Healthy Youth Act” and other state policies, educators and school officials must recognize a potentially infinite number of “genders” in children, government documents show. The reason is that policymakers created and mandated the acceptance of a third gender option known as “non-binary,” which is theoretically unlimited. And this is just the start.

      Responding to the threat, a diverse coalition of parents including Muslims, Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Mormons, and even some non-believers orchestrated a state-wide “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” for February 19. The goal is to express outrage over “highly graphic, state-mandated sex education and gender identity lessons in public schools,” said the coalition, known as “Informed Parents of California.”

      “This isn’t about being prudish about sex,” said IPOCA spokesperson Aileen Blachowski. “This is about confronting a radical agenda threatening our kids’ health, well-being and ability to establish healthy relationships and families in the future. This instruction dismantles kids’ sensitivities. The State has gone too far. They’ve awakened a sleeping giant! Parents are seeing the evidence of what’s really in the curricula and Framework and they won’t stand for this!”

      “They’re ready to leave public schools if parental rights are not restored and the Health Framework gets adopted,” added Blachowski.

      Radical might be an understatement in referring to what is happening. In a news release by State Superintendent of Public Instruction posted on the California Department of Education’s website, the specifics are made crystal clear. “The assumption underlying California policy is that gender is a spectrum that is not necessarily linked to biological sex,” officials explain. “State legislation allows all individuals, including students, to self-certify to their chosen gender category of male, female, or nonbinary — starting on January 1, 2019.”

      Gender identity is now defined in the California Code of Regulations as: “Each person’s internal understanding of their gender, or the perception of a person’s gender identity, which may include male, female, a combination of male and female, neither male nor female, a gender different from the person’s sex assigned at birth, or transgender.”

      In the California Health Education Framework draft, “gender identity” is defined as “one’s sense of being male, female, neither of those, both, or other gender(s).” The same document also states that the use of LGBTQ+ throughout it “is intended to represent an inclusive and ever-changing spectrum and understanding of identities.”

      As The Newman Report exposed in a report and video that went viral last month, the California Health Education Framework calls for indoctrinating kindergarten children with gender-bending madness. It even recommends a book for 5- and 6-year-old children that identifies 15 different genders. And by Middle School, it promotes “polyamory,” or relationships in which there are multiple sexual partners, as normal.

      School board member and educator Brenda Lebsack of California has tried to raise awareness about what is happening. In a piece for, for example, she warned that parents and educators should scrutinize the concepts of “gender and sexual identity” that were being pushed in the state’s education framework.

      In a statement to The Newman Report, she suggested educators will be forced to submit. “Teachers jobs will be in jeopardy because they could be accused of discrimination for not using plural pronouns such as they, them, and their, for a singular person,” Lebsack explained. “And their union will not support them because they’re the ones pushing it, although few teachers realize this.”

      Lebsack said she has been working with forensic scientists to see if they ever came across a “non-binary gender” in their research. “Strangely enough, I have not found one yet who says they have,” she said. “If the Gender Spectrum is based on objective science, then why aren’t these different disciplines of science agreeing with each other? Can non-binary be scientifically proven or might it be a figment of one’s imagination in increasingly various forms?”

      Parents are not legally allowed to opt their children out of the state’s gender-ideology indoctrination. Under the California Healthy Youth Act, instruction on “gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, discrimination, bullying, relationships or family” is mandatory and parents are prohibited from exempting their children.

      While the gender-bending madness may seem completely ridiculous and unhinged, it is actually a well-thought out and highly strategic attack on truth, family, and civilization. If left unchecked, the consequences to children and society will be catastrophic.

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