U.K. Mandates Registration of All Homeschool Children

      To ensure that all children are receiving mandatory indoctrination on homosexuality and gender confusion, authorities in the United Kingdom are now targeting homeschooling families for mandatory registration. It is all being done under the guise of protecting children from “dangerous influences” such as religious parents and unapproved ideas.

      Under the controversial scheme announced by U.K. Department of Education this week, parents and government councils will be responsible for ensuring that all homeschooled children are tracked and registered by the government — much like sex offenders and criminals. The plan also demands that authorities “provide support for parents who home educate their children.”

      The targeting of homeschoolers was officially announced in public for the first time in early 2016. At that time, under the guise of fighting “extremism” and “radicalization,” U.K. authorities announced a broad crackdown on homeschool families, Christian Sunday schools, and the Islamic madrassas that have proliferated with the government’s mass-migration policies. One official worried religious parents might fill the minds of their children with “poison.”

      Keep in mind, in the United Kingdom, the God-given right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion are no longer respected by the government. In fact, in recent years, authorities have stepped up arrests of Christian pastors, street preachers, and other voices that quote the Bible, point out the sinful nature of homosexual acts, or even refer to gender-confused individuals by their correct biological pronouns.

      In announcing the new mandatory homeschool register, U.K. officials, like all totalitarians, claimed the program was all for the good of the children. “The term ‘home education’ has now acquired a much broader meaning than it used to,” said Education Secretary Damian Hinds. “It is now a catch-all phrase, used to refer to all children not in a registered school. So whilst this does include those actually getting a really good education at home, it also includes children who are not getting an education at all, or being educated in illegal schools where they are vulnerable to dangerous influences – the truth is, we just don’t know.”

      “As a Government, we have a duty to protect our young people and do our utmost to make sure they are prepared for life in modern Britain,” Hinds said, with the reference to “modern Britain” almost certainly a veiled term for the rabidly aggressive LGBT agenda that Muslim and Christian parents are speaking out against. “That’s why this register of children not in school is so important – not to crack down on those dedicated parents doing an admirable job of educating their children in their own homes, but to prevent vulnerable young people from vanishing under the radar.”

      More and more governments — both totalitarian-minded regimes and ostensibly “democratic” governments — are cracking down on what remains of educational freedom. In some extreme cases, such as Communist Cuba, Communist China, Communist North Korea, Sweden, and Germany, homeschooling has even been banned completely. The United Nations is also demanding a crackdown on education liberty.

      The escalating attacks on educational freedom are not about protecting children; they are about protecting the viability of government indoctrination programs masquerading as “education.” Like the emperor with no clothes, governments are terrified that one astute and courageous child who escaped the official brainwashing may wake up the masses by speaking the truth.

      It is time for governments to respect the fundamental right of parents to direct the education of their children without interference by rogue bureaucrats. Anything less is blatant tyranny.

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