Tax-Funded Muslims Seek to End “Christian Privilege” At School

      Muslim radicals funded by the U.S. government are working with officials in Michigan, Minnesota, and other states to put an end to what they describe as “Christian privilege” in public schools. Instead, they want government education to “infuse the curriculum” with Islamic “intellectual traditions.”

      The real goals of the effort, though, have nothing to do with ending mythical “Christian privilege.” In fact, public schools in America have been successfully turning children against Christianity and the Bible for generations.

      Instead, the goal of the Islamic effort is to indoctrinate students into being ashamed of their nation’s great Christian roots, while promoting Islam at taxpayer expense to children in government care.

      In a handout titled “Islamophobia and Christian Privilege” being distributed to school officials, a copy of which was obtained by The Newman Report, authorities are told that schools must recognize that “Islamophobia” is among the most widespread and tolerated forms of “oppression” in America.

      To deal with it, schools are told they must work to deconstruct “Christian privilege” and “White privilege.” This “privilege” is defined as having Sundays and Christian holidays off, as well as “approaches to learning, purpose of education, and even sources of what counts as knowledge.”

      As part of “empowering Muslim student identities,” educators are told that schools must complete “annual equity audits,” have “Muslim student speak-outs,” and spend tax money promoting Islam.

      Sources tell The Newman Report that school boards and officials in Minnesota are anxious to implement the schemes.

      After all, this is where Muslim Attorney General Keith Ellison and Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) are supported by a fast-growing community of Islamists imported by the U.S. government from the Middle East and Africa.

      The “Islamophobia and Christian Privilege” document was copyrighted by Indiana University School of Education’s Great Lakes Equity Center. It was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education (grant number S004D110021).

      The primary author listed on the Islamic demands was Islamist Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, a University of Minnesota professor dealing with “education” and “organizational leadership.” He also specializes in performing Sharia-compliant “equity audits” on U.S. schools.

      In 2017, The Newman Report exposed students being forced to stand up in front of the class in North Carolina to apologize for their “Christian privilege” and “White Privilege.” It was not clear whether the scheme was linked to the Islamophobia document.

      But there is an obvious pattern developing here.

      Last month, The Newman Report highlighted a mandatory tax-funded indoctrination program on Islam for government-school teachers in Michigan, Florida, Texas, and other states. An Islamic “consultant” was paid thousands of dollars to demonize Christianity and America while peddling Islam to hundreds of teachers.

      Here is an example of the Islamic propaganda being shown to American children in government schools — in this case, from New Jersey:

      Similar videos and even textbooks glorifying Islam and demonizing Christianity are being used in government schools across America. This is true even in Utah, as school books obtained by The Newman Report show clearly.

      According to the “Islamophobia and Christian Privilege” document, schools must also “recognize that Islam is not a religion in the sense that Western Europeans separated faith from other aspects of life; It is a way of life.”

      That means schools must “accommodate” Muslim life, including prayer spaces, prayer washing, and more, the document states. It also calls for schools to promote radical Muslims such as Malcolm X to students.

      Educators are told they must “infuse the curriculum and school activities with intellectual traditions that originate in the Muslim world.” They are commanded to “use school resources,” including money and staff, to “advocate for causes important Muslim inclusion [sic].”

      Historian and author William Federer, an expert on Islam, noted that large Muslim populations were re-settled in Michigan and Minnesota following the U.S. interventions in the Middle East. Today, they are one of the largest Arab Muslim populations outside the Middle East.

      While earlier generations of Muslim migrants integrated better into America, the new arrivals include Islamic fundamentalists seeking to reduce Christians to a subservient status known as “dhimmi,” Federer said. Their term to advance this agenda is known as “equity.”

      “In classic communist ‘class-struggle’ style, fundamental sharia practicing immigrants want to portray themselves as ‘victims,’ and project their intolerance on the tolerant host culture, accusing them of having ‘white privilege’ and ‘Christian privilege’,” Federer told The Newman Report. “Whereas Christians are taught to overlook offenses, they have a predisposition to being offended, and demand others give up their freedoms so as not to offend them.”

      “Whereas Judeo-Christian beliefs gave birth to concepts of individual rights, individual conscience, individual worth and equality; fundamental Islamic beliefs are honor-shame community-based, where one’s worth is predominantly as a member of the group, and if they leave it, they are subject to being ostracized, targeted, or physically threatened,” he continued.

      “They argue that Christians are able to practice separation of church and state, but Muslims cannot, as their version of Islam is a complete, system, religiously, culturally, politically, and militarily, which cannot be separated,” concluded Federer. “Therefore, their reasoning goes, Muslim students should have favored status to bring their religion into the schools, where Christian students should not.”

      If the ruthlessly persecuted Christian minorities in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or virtually any Muslim-majority nation demanded that public schools there reject “Muslim privilege” and “infuse the curriculum” with Christian material, they would probably be jailed or deported, literally — if not beheaded or crucified.

      In America, meanwhile — a tolerant nation founded by Christians on largely Christian principles — government schools relentlessly demonize Christians and Christianity while promoting practically every other religion. It is time for Christians to stand up and reject this now, before the church in America is destroyed along with Christian liberty and morality. Parents must protect their children.

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