Schools to Interrogate Kids on “Adverse Childhood Experiences”

      Government and its public schools in particular are working to further expand the intrusive interrogations being performed on American children. Across America, hysteria about so-called “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACE), a relatively new buzz term, is being encouraged and exploited as a pretext to ask children highly sensitive questions about home and family life. But critics are sounding the alarm.

      Already, as documented by The Newman Report, government schools are asking children about their sex life, their parents, their views, and much more. They are also tracking students’ “mental health.” Under the guise of “Social and Emotional Learning,” meanwhile, these schools are also working to manipulate children and change their values, beliefs, and attitudes, as the social engineers openly boast.

      In Indiana, lawmakers are now pushing legislation that would conscript all government-school teachers into serving as inquisitors to determine whether students have faced some sort of undefined “trauma” in their lives. In other words, these government functionaries will be charged with prying into the personal and family lives of the captive children in their classrooms.

      According to the legislation, teachers must be able to recognize “social, emotional, and behavioral reactions to trauma” of children in their care that may “interfere with a students’ academic functioning.” That means these educators should be receiving “training” and “strategies” to recognize “possible signs” of “trauma,” with the word trauma left undefined.

      The bill, known as HB 1283, passed the House unanimously late last month. It has now moved over to the Senate, where it is waiting to be assigned to a committee.

      One of the key players behind the legislation is Indiana Representative Wendy McNamara, who sparked an outcry last year after claiming that “teachers have become the parent.” In pushing for mandatory mental-health screening of all children, McNamara also claimed America’s children were faced with a “mental health crisis” that would not be going away, and so government must step in.

      Another key player in moving the bill is a shadowy lobbying outfit called “STAND for children” that is funded by major corporations and globalist establishment types such as Bill Gates and the Walton Family. “We believe this bill will help the learning environment for many students who are affected by social, emotional, and behavioral reactions to trauma,” the group’s Indiana branch said online after the bill moved out of committee.

      Also involved in pushing this whole agenda is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). On its website, a taxpayer-funded propaganda video peddling the concept argues that government should pursue five strategies to save humanity from ACEs: More tax-funded welfare, “changing social norms,” government “care” of children starting “early in life,” enhancing so-called “parenting skills,” and by “intervening” in the lives of children and families to “prevent future risk.” The site also promotes the idea of “early childhood visitation” by government bureaucrats invading family homes.

      If all of that sounds insanely creepy, Orwellian and totalitarian — good, because it is. The role of government is to protect individual rights (including parental rights) and to punish evil such as stealing, murder, rape and so on. The role of government is NOT to usurp the role of parents and families in child rearing, as so many 20thcentury tyrants tried to do. And yet, today, most politicians seem to have no understanding about the proper role of government.

      Veteran Indiana educator Mary Black, with about five decades of experience in education and has served in a senior role with FreedomProject Academy’s administration from the start, sounded the alarm about all this “ACE” hysteria. Citing the CDC website, for instance, she said it was clear that the real agenda behind this campaign against ACEs was “socialistic, Utopian, and social-engineering rather than true concern for the children.”

      “As a teacher with many years of experience, I readily admit that I am not prepared to treat traumatized children in need of care,” Black continued. “For decades, teachers have notified parents when problems are apparent. It worked! Schools must stop usurping parental obligations and enabling parents to disregard their obligations. Only the parents can provide the best care for their child.”

      In California and beyond, meanwhile, authorities have conscripted doctors into the role, according to WND, with children of families who receive various forms of welfare having a large target painted on their backs. Starting at age 12, millions of children in the Golden State will be asked by their health-care providers to fill out questionnaires detailing “stressful experiences” and more, supposedly to find ACEs.

      As government and its “schools” become increasingly radicalized, they will trample on parental rights and family life with ever more vigor, gathering monstrous amounts of data on each child in the process. This trend is not compatible with individual liberty, Western civilization, or even basic tenets of family autonomy. If parents do not protect their children from increasingly lawless and Orwellian government, nobody will.

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