Court Orders Testosterone for “Transgender” Girl, Gags Father & Media

      Completely trampling on parental rights, Canadian judges ordered testosterone injections for a 14-year-old girl that are doing permanent damage to her body, including sterilizing her. In an effort to prevent a public outcry over the state-sponsored child abuse, the court also issued a gag order purporting to silence the father and the media in the case.

      However, in an effort to help his daughter before more outrages are committed against her, and to help other parents, the father, Rob Hoogland, is defying the court order mandating his silence. “I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for absolutely no good reason,” Hoogland told The Federalist.

      “She can never go back to being a girl in the healthy body that she should have had,” continued the heart-broken father. “She’s going to forever have a lower voice. She’ll forever have to shave because of facial hair. She won’t be able to have children.”

      Hoogland spoke out before, and faced the wrath of British Columbia’s kangaroo courts. Among other absurdities, the court convicted him of “family violence” for continuing to refer to his daughter as a girl. The court had ordered that he “acknowledge and refer to [his daughter] as male,” something he refused to do for obvious reasons (the same reason the parent of an anorexic girl would refuse to pretend she was obese and in need of liposuction).

      The father refuses to remain silent, though. “People need to stand up and realize that [the courts are] sterilizing children, essentially, and mutilating them,” he explained. “It’s… state-sponsored child abuse.” The American College of Pediatricians also labeled as child abuse telling children that impersonating the other sex through hormones and genital mutilation is healthy or normal.

      But the courts are not just destroying the girl and her family. When the father spoke out in an interview with Laura-Lynn Thompson, a popular Christian TV host in Canada, the government came after Thompson, too, and ordered her to take down the videos from the Internet. “It’s transanity gone mad here in British Columbia!” Thompson told The Newman Report.

      In court, Thompson continually referred to the daughter using female pronouns. And the lesbian lawyer, Barbara Findlay, could barely contain herself. “She almost jumped out of her seat to protest, but her own colleague lawyer, stopped her,” the TV host recalled, adding that the lawyer lied about her in an affidavit but was caught in the lie by the judge.

      Still, the court has ordered Thompson to remove all links from her social media, even those posted by other people outside Canada, that violate the “publication ban.” “I must police my own social media platforms,” she said, adding that she told the court that this seemed impossible, and that the judge appears to be listening carefully.

      “The father is heartbroken,” Thompson added. “There is nothing left to legally fight for it seems. The teachers, doctors, social workers, lawyers and judges have been activists until now…all of these social entities have conspired to steal the identity of his daughter.”

      But this is not over, with Thompson saying this is going to get “much bigger.” “It goes to the heart of our freedoms parental rights, compelled speech, Charter rights for religious freedom and what we allow people to teach our children,” she added. “It shows that all of society now will betray a parent and they will conspire to take the identity of our kids.”

      Even some transgender activists such as Jenn Smith are expressing concerns over courts forcing people to refer to people by incorrect pronouns, arguing that society will lose respect for the court if it tries to force people to speak lies. So far that does not seem to be deterring the courts, though, as they get more and more radical.

      While this may all sound absolutely insane and criminal to Americans, the reality is that these sorts of abuses are coming to the United States, too. Already, government employees have helped children mutilate their bodies in “sex changes” in defiance of parents’ wishes. In California, this is now a fait accompli as government bureaucrats create “transition plans” for children and hide it from parents.

      If Americans do not stand up and put an end to this madness, the lunacy may well put an end to civilization.

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