Principal Ousted for Mild Rebuke of Black Lives Matter

      A Vermont public-school principal was ousted from her job for extremely subtle criticism of the hysteria and dishonesty surrounding Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization seeking to dismantle everything from the nuclear family and police to the United States itself. The bizarre incident highlights the growing anti-American extremism that now permeates government education.

      Earlier this month, the principal in question, Tiffany Riley, said on social media that she believes “black lives matter.” However, she also had a caveat about what was going on. “I DO NOT agree with coercive measures taken to get this point across; some of which are falsified in an attempt to prove a point,” said Riley, who served as principal of Windsor School since 2015.

      “I do not think that people should be made to feel they have to choose black race over human race,” the principal wrote. “While I understand the urgency to feel compelled to advocate for black lives, what about our law enforcement?” Riley also added that “just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I’m a racist.”

      In response to the very mild criticism of the openly Marxist organization and its dangerous narratives and tactics, the Mount Ascutney School Board held an “emergency meeting.” There, it was unanimously decided to put Riley on paid leave pending a “mutually agreed upon severance package.” Apparently the board was “uniformly appalled” by the principal’s remarks.

      Local “education” officials sounded detached from reality in their response. “It’s clear that the community has lost faith in her ability to lead,” claimed district superintendent David Becker. According to WND, Windsor County, where the school is located, voted 2-to-1 for Hillary Clinton, so Becker may be telling the truth about the fringe community’s views.

      However, Becker continued to dig deeper, illustrating the gargantuan gulf that separates mainstream America from the radical ideologues running America’s tax-funded indoctrination system. “I felt like a post like that, with those kinds of racial overtones and what I define as pretty much outright racist in my values system, she would have never posted that,” added the superintendent.

      Outside analysts warned of the terrifying implications. “What happened to Riley could have a chilling effect that will cause many people to think twice about posting anything critical of Black Lives Matter — a leftist movement dressed up as opposition to racism,” explained Ryan Foley in The Western Journal. “That’s the whole goal. With Riley’s firing, diversity of opinion in education continues to shrink.”

      The problem is overwhelming. “Riley’s situation is saddening but not surprising,” continued Foley, citing research showing that the public “education” field in the United States is almost entirely controlled by liberals. “Hopefully, what happened to her will launch a renewed movement to ensure freedom of speech in education for teachers and students alike, from kindergarten through college.”

      The scandalous take-down of this principal for expressing common-sense views highlights a much bigger problem within the K-12 government-education system. Not only is the system highly intolerant, it is enforcing dangerous ideologies and radical conformity on its victims. The results of this nationwide problem are being seen now in the unrest. If this is not reversed, catastrophe awaits.

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