California Schools Plot Mass Vaccination Of Children

      Government-school officials and “health” bureaucrats in California’s Orange County have been quietly plotting to mass vaccinate children at government schools and even launch vaccine passports, sparking fury and vows of accountability from parents and legal experts.

      The highly controversial plan calls for vaccinating children at mass-vaccination centers dubbed “Point of Dispensing” (POD), according to multiple reports and documents. However, the public outrage has forced officials to backtrack somewhat, it seems.

      The plan to mass vaccinate kids is especially bizarre in light of the fact that, according to CDC data, children have an infection mortality rate of 0.003. In other words, a child is more likely to die from being struck by lightning or a shark attack than from being infected with COVID19.

      Meanwhile, even the manufacturers of the vaccines admit that there are numerous potential side effects and complications from the vaccines. The shots, most of which use a new technology known as mRNA, have not been approved by the FDA, either. They are only being allowed under what is known as “Emergency Use Authorization.”

      And yet, the county health boss and the superintendent of schools for Orange County have reportedly been scheming to inject government-school children with these experimental products, without obtaining true informed consent from parents by accurately explaining all the potential risks.

      County health boss Dr. Clayton Chau made the Orwellian pitch in a video that was leaked publicly.

      “For children, after two doses, it’s 100 percent [effective],” he claimed without citing a source. “The reason why I’m stressing that is we’re going to need your support to really educate our kids and our parents that they have to accept the vaccine, because I feel very strongly that without the vaccine we have no way out of this pandemic.”

      But parents are not having it. One mother, a human-rights attorney named Leigh Dundas, could barely contain her outrage as she warned “education” officials that their scheme to vaccinate children with the experimental COVID shots was a violation of state and federal law.

      Perhaps even more significant, Dundas invoked the Nuremberg Code developed in the aftermath of World War II in which National Socialist (Nazi) “scientists” and “doctors” were executed for experimenting on children without informed consent.

      “There is a reason kids cannot smoke, drink, drive, have sex, vote or die for this country, and that is because the law says they lack the capacity to understand those decisions, and that applies here more than ever,” she told authorities at a public hearing in a video that spread like wildfire online.

      “Hear me loud and hear me well: We will not be morphing our campuses into COVID vaccine centers for delivery of an experimental medical protocol that killed every damned ferret in the last animal study they did,” she roared. “They didn’t even do the study this time around because we are the study.”

      Highlighting the experiments on children by Nazi SS “scientist” and “doctor” Josef Mengele of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, Dundas pointed to what she said were similarities with what officials in Orange County were plotting now.

      She also cited her Eastern European heritage and her ancestors’ horrific experiences with government tyranny and mass-murder. “I for one have not forgotten the lessons of our history,” she warned, adding that the Nazi doctors were put to death for their crimes after claiming they were just “following orders.”

      “Dr. Chau and Dr. Mijares, you are hereby put on notice: Last week you appear to have knowingly hatched a plan to sidestep and violate international, federal, and state law, not just the Nuremberg informed consent language but also the black letter law of the EUA, but also California law,” she said, warning of consequences including imprisonment and large fines.

      Asking for them to be censured by the board, Dundas added that if the mass-vaccine-peddling duo did not resign, they must be fired and referred to their respective professional licensing boards “because they have no business being in these positions.”

      “So help me God, the people of Orange County will hold this policy to account,” she warned in a fiery speech that has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, if not more.

      Meanwhile, as if to illustrate just how unhinged officials there have become, the Orange County Health Care Agency’s quack ramblings peddling “pan-sexuality” and other such nonsense on “Gender Identity and Transgender Issues” sound like the ravings of a madman.

      After falsely claiming that there are unlimited “genders” and the “treatments” for the confusion include hormones and genital mutilation, the “health” authorities encourage confused children to contact school counselors or teachers.

      Dr. Chau responded to the controversy by saying he was not seeking to mandate the COVID19 shots or sidestep parents in the process after what he described as “rumors” and “accusations” were made against him.

      If parents still needed more reasons to urgently remove their children from government indoctrination centers posing as schools, peddling experimental medical treatments that are not approved by the FDA and have not been properly tested should serve as the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      Rescuing the children should be step one, but all those involved in this outrageous abuse of power must be held accountable.

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