Schools Make 3rd Graders Consider Gender Spectrum

      Government indoctrination centers identifying as “public schools” in California are under fire nationwide after ordering 3rd grade children to consider the “gender spectrum” and whether school uniforms might be “sexist.”

      The captive children, aged 8 through 10, were also pushed in an assignment to believe it is normal to be “experimenting with different forms of gender presentation” in their clothing, appearance, and behavior.

      The scandal, which has sparked outrage all across America after being widely reported in conservative media, took place in the Los Alamitos Unified School District in Southern California not far from Los Angeles.

      However, as The Newman Report has documented extensively, the gender-bending indoctrination is ubiquitous across America — even in the most conservative states and districts.

      A father of one of the victims, apparently suffering from Stockholm syndrome, says that while he is “sad” about the abuse, he does not blame the teacher for exposing his child to such dangerous propaganda.

      “These teachers are inundated with stuff that is just not appropriate for kids,” Matthew Simmons told The Daily Signal, a website run by the Heritage Foundation. “She had the best intentions at heart.”

      He claimed the teacher was a “victim” of the school board that is supposedly “pushing its own agenda.” Apparently “education” officials there are “resentful” when people even bring up the gender indoctrination, and so teachers just go along with it with good “intentions.” 

      The assignment in question involved forcing the children to argue for or against school uniforms. In the text, students were told school uniforms may be “sexist” and may bother children who claim to be confused about their gender.

      “If a student is unsure of their place on the gender spectrum or is experimenting with different forms of gender presentation, school uniforms can present a real challenge,” the assignment taught children, normalizing the idea of transgenderism and gender fluidity.

      The “gender spectrum,” for those normal people who do not follow the perversion that has taken over government schools, is an invention of “progressives” and perverts who claim male and female are outmoded concepts.

      Instead, the gender theorists claim, gender is actually a spectrum with infinite potential options that students are free to choose from: agender, bigender, nutrois, free spirit, and so on.

      Of course, this absurd and anti-scientific propaganda is now essentially mandatory in all government schools across the state. Until a massive public outcry, the state proposed beginning this indoctrination at age 5 in its “Health Education Framework.” 

      The brainwashing of young children is having the intended effect. Studies show more than one in four California children are now “gender non-conforming,” up from basically zero just a generation ago.

      Even conservative states are seeing unimaginable surges in the number of children claiming to be “transgender.”

      In conservative Utah, for instance, the number of minor girls going through a medical “transition” — puberty blockers, hormone “therapies,” breast removal, genital mutilation, and more to impersonate boys — has gone up over 10,000% in 5 years. 

      Like a battered wife, Simmons, the 45-year-old dad who blew the whistle on this assignment, claimed protecting his own children from this abuse in Los Alamitos schools by removing them would not work because other children would still be indoctrinated. Instead, he vowed to start a “Facebook page” called “Los Alamitos Parents for Equality.”

      Yes, seriously. 

      What happens when the tyrants at Facebook shut down his page and his children begin seeking out puberty blockers in preparation for government-funded genital mutilation was not immediately clear.

      The gender-bending madness and “transgender” indoctrination taking place in public schools nationwide is literally destroying children mentally, spiritually, and physically. Parents who love their children had better act now to get them out, before it’s too late.

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