To Graduate, Students Must Be Globalist Social-Justice Warriors

      A controversial government school in Jefferson County, Colorado, is demanding that students adopt an “intersectional” worldview and “advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equitability” as part of its graduation expectations. The children must also become “global citizens,” according to official documents.  

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      Amid the indoctrination, students who do not conform with the extremist views being forced upon them are facing escalating bullying and exclusion by staff. A concerned mother told The Newman Report that her son was facing outrageous abuse for his views, and that the taxpayer-funded school appears to condone the behavior.  

      The document, headlined Jefferson County Open School Graduation Expectations, lists overtly politicized requirements that students must submit to for graduation. For example, under “social” requirements, students must develop “cross-cultural skills and cultural self-awareness in order to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equitability.”  

      The children must also become globalists who see reality through the Marxist worldview lens of intersectionality. “Students will develop critical thinking skills and expand their perspectives on U.S. and world history, geography, civics, and economics through multiple lens, including social justice and intersectionality, in order to become responsible global citizens,” the graduation expectations state in the “intellectual” category.

      Intersectionality, closely related to “Critical Race Theory,” posits that everyone has different group identities that determine their level of supposed power, privilege, or oppression. Since class warfare never truly took off in the United States, anti-American Marxist revolutionaries have been peddling the “intersectionality” canard for years hoping to divide Americans into various categories and use that division to foment conflict.  

      According to the district’s website, the school in question openly peddles the extreme racial division peddled by extremist Ibram X. Kendi, who teaches that Christianity and capitalism promote “bigotry” and who seeks to create a “Department of Antiracism” to rule over America. The schools also uses the debunked fake history program known as the 1619 Project, which teaches that America has racism and oppression in its DNA.  

      When students resist the indoctrination and brainwashing, they face the wrath of the school and its officials. “My son knowns better. He has been told that he must see the world through an intersectional lens in order to graduate. Even he knows intersectional theory is Critical Race Theory,” a concerned mother, who asked not to be identified to protect her son, told The Newman Report.  

      For standing against the radical teachings being forced on the children, the boy has been relentlessly bullied. “He is constantly bullied at this school for being a conservative and the teachers act like he deserves it,” the concerned mother revealed. “One teacher told him that he is a triple oppressor because he is male, white and Christian.”

      While government school officials in Jefferson County and beyond have falsely told the media that they do not teach Critical Race Theory, the evidence shows otherwise. In fact, the proof is all over the district’s websites.  

      When asked for comment, Principal Scott Bain “it is not necessary for any student to adopt perspectives that are outside their own value system nor would it be a practice for an Advisor to criticize an individual student’s perspective.” However, “the student’s awareness of differing world views is essential to being an educated citizen,” he added.

      In response to the accusations of bullying, Bain asked for more information on the situation so he could investigate. “Finally, the Jefferson County Open School is a no tolerance zone for bullying,” he said.

      Government schools no longer even bother to pretend that they are educating children. Instead, the full-blown indoctrination is happening in the open, even included in graduation expectations. This is dangerous beyond measure. It is time to defund government schools and rescue America’s children.

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