Kindergarteners Forced to March and Chant for “Black Lives Matter”

      As part of the highly controversial “Black Lives Matter” week that took place in schools nationwide, tiny Kindergarten children in an elite Washington, D.C., indoctrination center were handed BLM signs and ordered to march around the school chanting “Black Lives Matter.” Yes, seriously.

      Video evidence of the scandal enlisting children in a racist and Marxist cause first emerged publicly on the school’s Instagram page before being picked up by the infamous “Libs of Tik Tok” Twitter account. It was promptly retweeted over 5,000 times as outraged commentators expressed shock and horror over what many described as the abuse of children in the footage.

      “The younger, the better, as far as proponents of Marxist theory are concerned,” wrote Elizabeth Stauffer at The Western Journal, one of the national media outlets that picked up the story. “If students are taught compliance now, it increases the likelihood they’ll obediently follow the orders of their leftist masters later in life.”

      The Black Lives Matter “Week of Action” focuses on indoctrinating children to reject the nuclear family, private property, Christianity, and even the nation-state. It admits all of this on its websites and programs, bragging about its promotion of “globalism,” the “queer” agenda, and much more. 

      Despite being bankrolled by many of America’s largest corporations and wealthiest billionaires, all three of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement have boasted publicly of being Marxists. The trio has also publicly revealed their involvement in occult religious practices, witchcraft, necromancy, and other bizarre pagan rituals. 

      The controversial weaponization and indoctrination of tiny children barely old enough to tie their own shoes took place at Lowell School, an overpriced private school that charges close to $40,000 per year. It boasts of providing “progressive education” and is just as “woke” as any government brainwash camp, except it targets the children of D.C. elites set to be “future leaders” rather than their future victims.

      Indeed, the school brags about turning the impressionable children in its care into “social justice” warriors on the “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (DIE) section of its website. “Anchored in our history and mission, we believe that the foundations of advocacy begin in childhood and early adolescence,” the school explains in justifying the indoctrination of small children.  

      Of course, government schools across America are similarly brainwashing children to become unthinking leftwing extremists dedicated to tearing down civilization. In fact, The New Report has documented “Black Lives Mater” week abuse of children in public education even in extremely conservative districts from Iowa to South Carolina and everywhere in between.

      Just recently, Libs of Tik Tok exposed a government school in Pennsylvania ordering children of European descent to apologize to those with more melanin in their skin. The school also lined children up from “the whitest to the darkest” as part of its racist brainwashing campaign. Similar abuses have been taking place nationwide for years.

      The horrific and systemic abuse of children under the guise of “education” is an epidemic in America, and it is destroying the next generation in both public and overpriced private schools. Unless the crisis is dealt with before virtually an entire generation is lost, the nation, its liberties and even civilization itself will not survive much longer.   

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